Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday day book - Craigie's birthday

Today is my sweet husband's 48th birthday. I think I missed a couple because I thought he was only 45, but the kids  assure me that the math is right. This is a little scary because I'm not far behind. He still thinks it's his 22nd - so let's hope age is just a state of mind.  Happy birthday sweetie!!!

Outside my window...absolutely perfectly beautiful spring day with a beautiful blue sky and soft crisp breezes.

Sheila helps Cc water the yard.
I am thinking.... it's a blessed day! We went to early Mass since N was scheduled to serve, then Sunday School, after we met Craig's aunt Marilyn for an early lunch celebration at P F Changs. Mx had come in for the weekend, and left once back home. A very nice visit!  I highly recommend the kung pao shrimp!

I am thankful...for the 29 of his 48 birthday I have celebrated with Craig! Also to hear his birthday phone call with his mother (on speaker) where they joked about how big a baby he was - hehe -  at birth 9 pounds 10 ounces, 23 inches long. (N has him beat at 10lb 12oz and 24 inches).

In the kitchen...leftovers from PF Changs & last night's chicken fried venison.

I am wearing...(seems like my Sunday afternoon uniform)-sweats and a tshirt. I should delete this category.

I am creating...Stations of the Cross mini coloring/prayer books for my Sunday school class from HERE.

I am stay home. M talked her dad into going to see "Act of Valor" in DBox to further celebrate his birthday. I heard its good and realistic, but I am not a fan of war movies, especially if all senses are involved. I am sure he'll love it

I am wondering...if anything will come of our day dreaming today of a trip to either the Cayman Islands or an England Jane Austen tour with Marilyn. With anyone else, I'd say it is just day dreaming, but I have secret hopes today: because of Marilyn we were able to plan and visit Italy and Spain after conversations like today.

I am reading...Ingalls-Wilder's Shores of Silver Lake read aloud. Hidden Power of Kindness by Lawrence Lovaisk. I need to pick something else. I did read The Person I Marry: Things I'll Think about Long Before Saying "I Do" by Gary & Jan Bower to the kids - it started good conversations.

I am new mix of herbal supplements will motivate my metabolism.

I am looking forward to...spring break! - after Friday's obligations, we are free.

I am accept change and treasure friendships while you have them. We visited our previous parish for Stations Friday and I felt heart sick since I don't see my old friends and acquaintances often enough. Then to learn today of a new parish family, including one of my students, leaving our parish. 
A reminder to enjoy each day - we won't have these moments again.

Around the house...still slowly decluttering. I didn't make much progress this week, and kind of cheated by pulling out a couple boxes out of the attic to sort. There are plenty of things in arms reach to not have to drag from that attic. I have dreams of building shelves in that attic, but will need to get more aggressive about dejunking junk. (especially old school junk).

I am praying for...Aunt Gayle, Diana's health, God's Will, a productive Lent, mercy for all suffering from cancer, our country: its leaders and fellow man.

A favorite quote for today...At the start of my Sunday school class, my students were comparing what they were going to give up this week:
"I'm going to give up yelling and getting mad."
"I'm giving up back talking."
"I'm giving up popcorn."

One of my favorite things...Four layer Italian cream cake made for my sweet husband! Yummy!

A few plans for the rest of the week...bring lunch for Craig while he works on the church property Monday, Mir's confirmation Monday night!, piano, ballet (pictures with make up?!), Houston Pro Life dinner, quick trip to Austin to pick up piano, Friday girls group, M's orthodontist appt. (last?!), and N's first ortho appt. - then spring break starts!

A peek into my day...

M captured Missy L - slow down little one!

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