Thursday, March 8, 2012

Silly and profound conversations with my six year old

Cc: Mom, do you know me:
whats my favorite kind of food?
Me: (totally guessing while very distracted):Taco bell nachos.
Cc: (shocked)That's disgusting!
You don't know me.
Let's try again.
Me: (still being distracted) I give up.
Cc: Taco Bueno.
It had tas-a dillas with chicken.
Its delicious.

The problem is, I can't remember going to Taco Bueno in years... I wouldn't be surprised her memory is that good.
Cc: Mommm...?
Me: Yes, sweetie?
Cc:What if someone in our family dies....
(small voice)
...and doesn't go to heaven?
Me: ! Oh, sweetie! Well, we are promised to be happy in heaven, no tears in heaven, only happiness. How could we be happy without all the people we love there?
Cc: mmmhmmm? (tears dripping )
Me: We have to do the work we are supposed to do to get there. And we have to pray for everyone to do the work they need to do to get there so we can all be happy in heaven together.
Cc: okay...
Come on Lilly, lets play.

Overheard from the other room…
Cc: Yes, this is Cc, 3125-5874362-1, do you got it, yes,thank you, good bye.
Me: Cc, who are you talking to?
Cc: Myself.
Me: You’re funny.
Cc: I know.

We were discussing the 10% charge on changing in coin.
CC:That's crazy! Wow that just ridiculous. They are crazy!" with the right amount of indignation in her voice.
Me: Cc, what are we talking about?
Cc: I don't know. (shoulder shrug)

Cc: You know, mom. If you didn't get married we wouldn't be doing this right now?
Cc leaving her grandmother a phone message: (with a professional tone)
Cc: Hello DD? This is Cc. Leave a message or call back later.

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