Friday, March 16, 2012

Seven Friday Quick Takes

On a visit to the assisted living home my mother in law lives in, my children played a lovely grand piano for the residents while they ate their lunches. Some were a little nervous, in case they didn't have their pieces memorized well enough. They did fine, the residents really appreciated their playing. The notes danced happily around the room lifting the atmosphere. My MIL was so pleased. I know she is proud of her grandchildren, all six coming in to visit, and having their music shared was a little extra delight. Simple gestures can mean so much.
I wish we lived closer to spend more time with her!

Digging post holes is a good lesson for young men to decide how hard they want to work on their academic studies. Some hard labor is good for a man - at any age - to see work done by his own hands, feel a special sense of accomplishment. My boys are helping dig holes for the corner posts of my garden - three feet deep in clay. My college boy is trying to finish it up before he goes back to school, even working in the dark.

It's fun to see how much light changes things. This garden bench looks a little scary by itself.

Forty Days of Lent are a long period of time for a child, for me too. I have heard myself answer to so many requests this week: "

No, It's still Lent."

It's freeing on many levels; free from the things we gave up. I know we are not going to get sweets, I know we aren't going to eat on the run, I know we aren't spending extra money on any kind of whim, I know the various screens will have their off times. I know we have our scheduled prayer time to get together to look forward to to end the day. I know we will have time for Stations as a family on Friday.... 

I hope things won't go back to normal after Easter.

Mx showed me how to play around with photo shop. 
It would mean more if I posted the before pictures, just imagine lunch remains on the corners of her mouth.

I am opposed to the daylight savings time concept. It just doesn't feel like morning. I keep thinking its overcast outside. Government manipulation of my day for the purpose of increasing consumption of a certain market.

Contemplating the idea of moving sometime in the next year or next...!. I love my house and my neighborhood, but my husband's commute is wearing on him. Will the housing market come back? The worse thought is not knowing where will we go. Well, then the idea of putting it on the market!

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