Wednesday, March 7, 2012

On My Niece's Confirmation

We celebrated twenty young men and women's confirmation at my sister's parish last night. I believe Cardinal DiNardo's mission and gift is to reach young adults. He was inspiring! I walked away with such admiration and appreciation for our Cardinal! This small community parish church was a perfect back drop for him to help them relax and visit with the candidates about the sacrament they were about to receive. His talk during mass to the candidates will stay with me for a long time, as will his charge to us sponsors to pray for our charge daily by name! It was a refreshing evening being able to spend with two of my sisters, their families and my parents. What an honor and a treat to have during Lent to see these men and women charged with making their positive changes on the world. I know my niece will make a big impact in our world; she already is a strong force with her service, dedication to her friends and neighbors in her community!

I wrote my beautiful niece a letter while thinking about her Confirmation:

Dear Mir,

Welcome to Christ's army! I know you will be a great addition to the ranks. God has been preparing you all your life, even before you were born, by choosing your mother and father whom He knew would start you faithfully on your journey.

Now as you are confirmed,you will be blessed with Courage and Fortitude, infused with sanctifying grace; humbled by Wisdom to help you know the proper order of the material and spiritual aspects of life and
to love the world as God created it, given Understanding, the desire to contemplate things of God, to see your life in this world and how God wants you to lead it. The Holy Spirit will give you Counsel, the Voice for you to know the right choices. It is what Father Hardon calls "supernatural intuition".

Other Gifts you will receive: Knowledge: to see your purpose on earth; Piety: to see God's love for you and to help keep your faith strong; Fear of the Lord : because you love God in return for all His gifts.

The Holy Spirit has always been strong in you. Having the blessing of being in your life since your birth, I have optimism for your future and those around you who are lucky to be in your life. You are a beautiful soul. You are a blessing to your family and a shining example to your community and to the world. My girls already look up to you, drawn by your fiery spirit, as the world will be too. You will have what you need to not be swayed by the material distractions that the world will offer.

Fight the good fight! Be comforted to know there are many with you in this Spiritual combat, but the Holy Spirit will be your sweetest comfort.

I am so honored to be able to pull you even closer in prayer as your sponsor.

With lots of love,
Your Aunt Mary

St Margaret of Scotland,pray for us!
St. Joan of Arc, pray for us!
St Felicitas, pray for us!

Isaiah 11:2-3
11:2 And the spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him: the spirit of wisdom, and of understanding, the spirit of counsel, and of fortitude, the spirit of knowledge, and of godliness.
11:3 And he shall be filled with the spirit of the fear of the Lord, He shall not judge according to the sight of the eyes, nor reproveaccording to the hearing of the ears.
11:16 And there shall be a highway for the remnant of my people...

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