Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Nature Journaling

Our class on March 2, 2012 was inspiring. We discussed the process of identifying a bird: species, age, sex all from its feather, and how Kendra had spent a day to get 90% certain using this website...with Mr. Collins helping push to the 100% accurate based on the knowledge in his head.

The remaining 3/4 of the class was get to get on the boardwalk area of the Wetland Trail and find something interesting to journal and share next time.

I have found the mushroom life at Kleb Woods interesting. Sometimes the first time I have seen a certain mushroom is at Kleb. We go on nature walks at a park in Houston and have been on the lookout for mushrooms or other decomposers, and have not had much luck. It is going to be a big job learning about this separate class of organisms. I found three that were very interesting:

 I claimed this little beauty just off the boardwalk. A little lone mushroom

M and I found these mushrooms in a group together in the pine straw:
 Here they are clustered:

This is the last one that caught my attention. I have some of these growing on the log pile behind the garage at home:

JP uses the water from the wetland to use in his nature journal for his watercolors for a realistic look.

Mr. Collins giving E some advice on what to add to her journal: environment, time of day, weather, location, description: texture, smell, color.

The last stop of the day, Mr. Collins showed us an old Oak tree that he had estimated to be 150 years old. The entire class has to journal about the tree, estimate its height, imagine and write about what it would have seen in the past 150 years of Texas history. It is relaxing just to focus on one object, take pictures, sketch, and take it all in.
M climbed our favorite tree back in July 11. It just begs to be climbed.

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