Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Counting Gifts: 950 Gifts

950 Hydrangeas

949 Ten positive comments to overcome one negative - a new challenge!
948 My kids having good friends to have good fun with.
947 Having to let go a little for the teens to grow up.
946 "Spend more time thanking the Lord for your blessings than reminding him of your needs and you'll always be a happy man." - old saying
945 Guardian angels protecting us even when we don't realize we need protection.
944 An excuse to relax on the couch with L (for hours)
943 Our own ice cream mix in party.
942 Lettuce plant - fresh salad at my fingertips
941 Good news to lift the spirits and give lots of hope!
940 Garden inspirations. Thankful to see garden protection from weeds and deer come together.
939 Peace of mind- brakes fixed
938 Coming in after working hard in the yard to the yummy smell of dinner.
937 Prayer by candlelight - one of our Friday Stations stops - my sister's church. Beautiful service.

936 Having a sick bed in my room so I am close enough to help a sick E
935 Enjoying music with N! Seat dancing on the way home! Nice to have time just us..
934 Living the Golden Rule: Always comes back to you!
933 The Anointed with the capital "A" and all the little a anointed ones!! There is hope when others want us to believe there is none.
932 Hubby taking the time to help his nephew.
931 My husband loves me!
930 Copy work of a six year old for Little Miss Muffet - can't read yet, but so dedicated to the task.
929 Thankful that we can provide braces for my kids.
928 Sister reading to the younger one
927 Goodnight hugs and kisses
926 Young people confirming their faith.
925 So thankful for M, my faithful and able babysitter so I could attend Mass.
924 Seeing our Cardinal in action, up close.
923 Sleeping baby all tired from a good day.
922 Reminder to live this day like its my first and my last.
921 2nd Sunday of Lent- Transfiguration: when Jesus turned off the miracle and showed His blinding glory
920 Good visit with family!
919 Yard work - results are so gratifying
918 My God, I give Thee thanks for what Thou dost give and for what Thou dost take away; Thy will be done."
917 Pray without ceasing. In all things give thanks .
916 Girls trying to find bright side to their disappointment
915 Confession - praying for vocations!
914 Having a good dinner waiting for him after a day he worked so hard.
913 Mx calling Missy L just to entertain her on the phone

912 No cavities for two who had trouble before.
911 Forgive and forget
910 Although our fellow countrymen may fail us - we must remember our true home is heaven.
909 Remembering the parting words from two different priests at two different times and different places- "Courage, courage" and watching them rise to their own advice.
908 Dyslexic mind awakening, saying positive and accepting all challenges.
907 Sliding down the twisty slide with my girls.
906 Screams of giggly girls echoing at the park.
905 Praying for all those on the front lines of all wars fought today.
904 Choosing the park instead of the stores while waiting for M.
903 E & N taking turns reading from James Baldwin aloud.
902 Nice, long, hot shower to clear the head.
901 Songs of Benediction

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