Friday, March 2, 2012

7 Friday Quick Takes

 I don't know if it is because of our many moves, but I have a need to rearrange furniture - often. I love feeling, like ahh, its new. I can't clean without slightly rearranging furniture. As I have grown older, I have looked to my sons to help me in my larger rearranging quests.
Well, I thought I was in a pinch yesterday with a futon my girls talked me into moving downstairs. I am visual, and cannot imagine how its going to look until the furniture is in place (which explains why my husband is absent from this discussion as he tired of this obsession years ago). Well, once dismantled and moved downstairs, I had second thoughts! This morning I could see the right place for it. Yay!.
All settled, nice place to sit and read.

 I am purposely ignoring the national news.
(I do read headlines on the Drudge app on my phone; RIP Andrew Breitbart.).

Life is precious - no matter at what age! We pray to protect life from conception to natural death. It's hard to keep death natural with many medical complications. God bless all the caretakers that have the loving care and patience to help people as they get ready to leave the waiting room and travel on down the hallway to the ultimate banquet.
Regina Caeli, pray for us!

Texas! The need for air conditioning on the first of March!


Children are the best and the worst of us.
It is true. It is a smarting smack to our parenting self esteem when we see our precious innocent child react to a situation that reflects our worse past reactions, moments which we not only wanted to ignore ever happened, and yet here it is acting out in from of our eyes by a little person who resembles us. Oh, shame.

Watch what you do, little eyes are watching.
Watch what you say, little ears are listening.
Fortunately, children are resilient; children are quick to forgive, we teach teach in our humble actions as well.

We must also then consider that children are our hope for the future. The ones to carry on what we know, what we hope and dream, and especially the ones to live our faith. We must show them what is important and what to hold on to.

Watching little girls play tea party is good for the soul.

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