Thursday, March 29, 2012

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round button chicken

iPhone version
No pictures dowloaded off my camera due to illness, but I thought I'd see if I could get pictures stored on my phone for phfr and post from my blogger app.
The morning view out my bedroom window.
Flowering plants are starting to come back in my Mary garden
Nick gets to help his dad with work around the yard. It's so wonderful to see them work together to help him grow into a responsible young man.

She's not trapped in the extra room next to her sisters' ballet class, just trying to decide if it's more fun to stay in there with wide open space to run or come out to meet the new little girls waiting for the next class.

Going to be taking it easy today to comfort this sick little sweetie.
She wakes up and calls out "mommy/baby!!" to make sure I know she needs me and laughs when she realizes I'm right next to her. She's an easy patient to take care of.

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the Blogger app is good for writing and uploading the pictures off the phone, but it is limited that it can't show a preview so you can place the pictures where you want, so I had to pull the laptop out anyway.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Monday, March 26, 2012

Counting Gifts: ***1000 Gifts***

I made it - since November I have counted 1000 Gifts!!!  I am going to keep going. I enjoy stopping and taking a moment to say thanks, and remember that moment later.
I kinda thought there might be fireworks on the app when I reached 1000, but no, just 1000. 

1000 Friendly anonymous neighbor brought runaway dog home
999 Sitting out back on a cool spring evening with my family, just lovely!
998 Giving 13 year old boy opportunities to grow to be a healthy young man.
N chopping down Chinese Tallow
997 Thankful I made the decision to stay home more and now enjoying the fruits.
996 Find what gives you peace and wrap yourself in it like armour
995 "love love love"
994 A happy wave and smile brighten my day
993 Listening to advice:spoken & implied
992 Hearing good stories from my students inspired in Sunday school
991 Memory smell flashback: Rome, Georgia, Alabama
990 Late night run for diapers turns into an adventure for the whole family
989 seeing the seeds we planted come up: sunflowers, beans, flowers, squash!
988 kids making dinner special with candlelight
987 Comforting a sick little girl the way only a momma can: so happy I am her momma.
986 Making future plans for water fun.
985 Seeing what could be "the end" approach, and just feeling an overwhelming thankfulness for God and His loving protection of us for the past four years.
984 Not having to go anywhere after a loonnng night with a sick baby.
983 A mom and dad talk one on one with one who suddenly needed it.
982 Remembering to pray for my enemies and adversaries.
981 Persistence (even if it included breaks).
980 Teenybopper joy! times two.
979 Cc recovered after a shocked finger
978 Moment with an old friend and a new friendship for my daughter.
977 For M to talk to when I am surrounded by unfriendlies.
976 Little Miss so happy to see her dad home.
975 Finding Cc's first communion dress & it arriving here.

974 Old & rare book finds.
973 Deciding to stay home during a fierce storm, hubby too.
972 Bittersweet independence:gaining mine means they are growing up.
971 Grocery shopping alone - able to control what's in the cart.
970 The brilliantly glowing green after a rain
969 Smell of freshly mowed grass
968 A heart to heart to heart talk
967 A new plan to help protect innocence
966 Uniting prayers for unborn
965 Text over limit warning
964 18 teens praying stations by candle light in my backyard
963 St Joseph's protection over church property
962 Everyone helping clean for teen night
961 Passion for learning
960 Bluebonnets on the side of the highway

959 My kids playing piano at MIL place
958 My parent's coffee
957 Cc bringing everyone ice water - practicing corporal work of mercy
956 My mom and dad still taking care of me
955 Bull creek
954 Bonus time
953 So thankful for hubby's promotion
952 Spreading two yards of mulch in record time, many hands make light work
951 Road trip!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day Book Sunday March 25

Feast of the Annunciation

Father told us at Mass the Feast is transferred to Monday! Yay! I enjoyed discussing this special feast with my first communion class this morning. It lead into a discussion about praying the rosary through the story of Jesus and Mary's lives.

Outside my window...
another glorious spring day. It's a bit greener since we added a pallet of sod yesterday to pretty up the area around the drive way, and fill in spots the dogs have ruined.

I am thinking....
Gromit has telekinetic skills. It doesn't work on me, but I have watched it work on my children. He stares at his desired object to move into his mouth, ...
until it does.
Look at that intensity
He doesn't try it on me, but with Miss L in my lap, I got to see it work in front of me.
I thought, no way, she loves her sausage biscuits. But he is a determined and talented dog: he stared, until pop, she offered the biscuit to him. I thought, at least the sausage was safe, she had already popped it in her mouth. He continued staring at her closed chewing mouth and empty hands, until, pop, she pulled out the sausage and offered it to him, which he gratefully gobbled up.

I am thankful...
E has learned so much about sewing that she has confidently and generously started a doll (like hers and Cc's) for the little Miss's birthday. She has until May, but already basically has the doll together. I am helping with the hair. We need ideas on how to have yarn appear curly. She will start on some clothes. They should be able to share clothes, but I don't think they will. Thankful for sister love!

getting the shape of a doll
***Updated - later Sunday - she's done:***
we left yarn hair in loops to look like curls
In the kitchen...
I am slow cooking bar b q chicken

I am creating...
a peaceful home: easy to maintain, and striving to be free of clutter. (trying, at least!)
I made lots of progress on the upstairs attic this week.

I am going..
to stay home and relax with my family!

I am wondering...
what got into sweet L at Mass! We were in the back with noisy babies and she decided to give everyone hugs: moms and babies. She is so naturally spontaneously full of love. I'm so blessed.

I am reading...
Style, Sex and Substance, ed. Hallie Lord, still, Long Winter aloud, still. A blogger, Ellen Gable, shared her book, Emily's Hope here. I read the entire book on kindle on my phone yesterday finishing late last night. It is a good story to teach about the Church's teachings on marriage, birth control and NFP. I have never met anyone like the young man in the story, but hopefully there are four out there for my girls.

I am hoping...
a good last push for Lent this week!

I am looking forward to...
Holy Week!! I love the celebrations only celebrated one a year! Holy Thursday is so beautiful! We'll go to Good Friday services... Still a busy week ahead before we get to Holy Week.

I am learning...
how to write a sentence: listening to a Teaching Company course on writing.

Around the house...
the girls discovered an old horse water trough doubles as a swimming pool when you are hot.

I am praying for...
"reparation for the sins of others" and my own, Aunt Gayle, Uncle Ky, college students and life's decisions, our country, Dominic & Linda, conversions, souls in purgatory.

A favorite quotes for today...
Mother Teresa:
"Spread love everywhere you go: First of all in your own house...let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile."

"I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love."

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Scouts, N has been invited to three different birthday parties for four different boys (set of twins). We will be busy with getting him there and buying gifts, Piano, Ballet, Math classes. An old friend over Friday day (after bday party) and we are hosting a few families Friday night for candlelight stations and meatless dinner here. No plans on Saturday except to start Holy Week planning and Easter dinner plans! Altar serving practice sometime.

Something that makes me happy...
My phone itunes updates automaticaly for music my kids and husband add. I found this song and thought I'd add the video here. It is a good walking song to keep my pace up.

A peek into my day...

Friday, March 23, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

- 1 -
It's nice to have well behaved company in the orthodontist waiting room to pass the time discussing the latest recipes and home fashions.

- 2 -
Inspired by the length people go to in hopes of changing our culture for life. The first are a group of 39 women walking from Houston's planned parenthood to the courthouse in Dallas where Roe vs. Wade was decided. I am following their journey on facebook and am so inspired and impressed by their perseverance. Another is a young boy who chose on his birthday party invitation for guests to bring a donation for Texas Right to Life instead of a gift.
And a man who prays for life before he goes to work every weekday in front of pp for a Lenten offering.

- 3 -
Plans for the day halted since the baby has a fever - can't go around new babies, their moms and the other pregnant ones. I know its good all around: no one else gets sick, mine can rest, heck, I might catch up on some of the many hours of sleep lost this week; but I hate missing our sewing class.
{Okay, I'm done whining, & shhh,
Yes, I'm worse than the kids.}
Also wondering how long I'm going to call youngest "baby", she is 22 months and getting close to twenty eight pounds. It's more of a respected position in the family than her actual name. Go help "the baby", why is "the baby" crying, "the baby" needs a new diaper...I don't guess I address her directly with the title. But I don't doubt I'll still do it when she's five.
When the fourth was the baby, she was also "Baby", but when the fifth was her way, I knew we had to break the over three year habit of calling her Baby, That was a hard one to stop.

- 4 -
Sweet big sister E has started sewing a doll for Little Miss's second birthday in May. I found a pretty flannel but it is very thin, especially compared to the material used on their dolls. We are doing it as a test. She will treasure it.

- 5 -

I think I need to pull out a different medium for our arts and crafts. 
E yells, "More paper fun,
For everyone!"

It is the year of paper crafts for me, so here we go again!
We are working on more decorations for Easter, not all out of paper.

- 6 -
Why do little girls find messy sewing boxes so intriguing? Or messy purses? Or messy junk drawers?
and shoes? Girls!

- 7 -

When I was waiting for my turn for material to be cut at the craft store, the ladies in front of me were talking about how the special love of a grandchild, one was enthusiastic that it introduces a new kind of love in her life. The other lady didn't have grandchildren the first lady started repeating herself and talking louder in my direction about grand kids and love, with a hint hint  join us in the air.
I know, I forgot to put make up on when I ran my daughter to her math class and planned on waiting in the car, but then remembered a project I needed materials for so I ran into the craft store in a hurry.

She  seemed to assume my baby must be my grand baby.

Not the first time.this week this happened to me. While waiting for the middles at ballet, a sweet lady came in with her three children, the oldest around 5. She asked me if my baby was mine..."yeah". Of course, who else is sitting here, oh, duh, maybe she belongs to my 15 year old daughter sitting next to me. Oh our culture! Doesn't everyone have a baby at 45?! No, my fifteen year old daughter gets undeserved judgement, and everyone assumes I'm a grandma. Oh well. I look forward to the days when I am a grandma and my little baby will be a great babysitter for her nieces and nephews and we'll laugh when our culture assumes those babies are hers.

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