Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Counting Gifts: Thankful for 800!

Counting 1000 Gifts to be Thankful to God

800 Knowing God is always more generous than we are!
799 Strong coffee
798 Beating a bad habit
797 I am thankful for my home, my family and this day
796 Big heart shaped box of chocolate
795 Sister love

794 Hope
793 A night I didn't hear the dogs bark once.
792 No school birthday traditions - fun for all!
791 My boy realizing how lucky he is to be home schooled
790 Trip to look forward to as a group
789 Last minute gift purchases
788 On board to help build a church
787 Escaping an uncomfortable chance meeting
786 My sweetie on a church committee
785 Second second chances
784 Wonder of childhood - water fun
783 Sweet little girl giggles
782 The look of wonder in a child's eyes
781 The wonderful smell of hot chocolate
780 A boss who cared enough to call
779 Sweet smells of girls straight from the bath
778 iPhone technology ;)
777 The wisdom of the Church!
776 Celebrating feast days
775 Very relaxing day of rest
774 Refreshing long deep breath
773 Early morning visit
772 Mx is well enough for visit with friends
771 Visit and connection of motherhood understanding from a new friend
770 Desire to be the seeds that fall in the fertile soil.
769 Reminders the suffering leads to sanctification
768 For the fun mental diversion of Downton Abbey
767 Thankful for a helper during mass
766 Thankful for quiet reflection prayer of the traditional Latin Mass
765 Celebrating our 29th Valentines together
764 Having a gorgeous weekend sandwiched by rainy weekdays
763 Priests
762 Progress on the church property
761 Visit to the beach in any weather

760 Playing at the beach in the cold
759 Girls spending girl time
758 feeling good looking good
757 M cooking dinner for us every night
756 Hanging out with the little kids while the big kids are happy together
755 warm apple cider
754 girl bonding sewing creations together
753 C giving a wonderful st Cecilia presentation
752 N loving his boys group
751 kisses that make boo boos better
750 Young love
749 How flowers are always more amazing close up
748 M expanding her canvas to her sisters faces
747 Knowing lots of prayers going up for aunt Gayle
746 Whispering girls tiptoeing in the middle of the night
745 Improved communication skills give hope to amending relationship
744 Opportunities to give back
743 Having more than we need
742 Chair covers to cover cat damage
741 Seeing my son grow from having a learning disability to now a love for learning
740 Huddled around space heater in a cold schoolroom doing math
739 Daughter cooking dinner, son baking dessert
738 Saint Anthony finding all my missing things today!
737 Getting caught up with work
736 Craig willing to take a sick son soup 80 miles away.
735 the future can wait
734 knowing day by day is good enough
733 making time to talk it out
732 watching how far they have come in ballet
731 my little girl's hand reaching up for mine
730 the lesson on stranger danger was needed
729 Little House - and how much extra we earn about everything else
728 Amazed at the amount of fun balloons can be

727 "kissy kissy" getting the sweetest little kisses from Missy L
726 Kitty adding more life to the house

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