Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Daybook


Outside my window...everything is green! Its still just the beginning of February and it looks as green as summer! Things are turning green in the garden and I haven't planted anything yet from this year, but something resembling cabbage is making a big comeback.
I am thinking...Downton Abbey lived up to its hype! I am so happy for netflix and online PBS - I have already buzzed through Season One and half way through Season Two. I did stay up waayyy too late last night - especially knowing I had to get up at 6 for Sunday School and N to serve mass, but it was worth it! Thinking of getting Craig to watch it with me - but not sure it's his taste.

I am thankful...quick visit with Mx.
In the kitchen...its Sunday, so not much going on in there. N made brownies (he is doing too much of that). E made hotdogs.
I am wearing...sweat pants and a tshirt.

I am creating...birthday party ideas for N next week

I am going...nowhere tonight - hopefully can get in another episode of DA before tomorrow.

I am wondering...what role would I have played in England in the time period of DA - kitchen maid or lady?

I am reading...Prereading Witch of Blackbird Pond, Little House on the Prairie

I am hoping...N has a wonderful birthday celebration

I am looking forward to...getting together with friends for N's birthday.

I am to practice temperance.

Around the house...really need to get that cat fixed!
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