Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Evening Snapshot

Outside my window...its dark and saturated from days and days of rain (very thankful, not complaining).
I am thinking...I am trying out different projects on blogs that I probably won't keep up with for long and no one else would want to read, but its kinda fun for now. :)
I am thankful...for our new parish, my family, my home, my health, my husband.
In the cleaned old dishes out and hubby brought BBQ home after outing.
I am wearing...Assumption Grotto shirt and pj pants
I am creating...ideas of what to do for school when its boring February
I am have to pick up M at her friends Superbowl party when it gets as late as I feel like being out in the dark on a Sunday night- update-hubby took care of this
I am wondering...why teenagers' lives are filled with so much drama - is it inevitable for girls?
I am reading...Little house to the kids ( I need to get started on something for me)
I am hoping...this week goes well
I am looking forward to...making a trip to Galveston to see Mx or to Austin to see DD
I am to make kibbi (and how not to make it)
Around the house...I am organizing junk to give away to someone who might find treasure in it.
I am to pick mortification's for Lent that aren't overwhelming (remembering Father's sermon today about the woman who gave up sweets: cakes: cookies: candies: red jelly beans).
A favorite quote for today...“Many are called but few are chosen” Matt. 20:16 and pondering if we are working hard enough on the calling to be chosen.
One of my favorite things...our Catholic faith and learning about Septuagesima Sunday and the old tradition of burying the Alleluia banners. 70 days to Easter!!
A few plans for the rest of the week: regular busy school week - ending with CC retelling St Cecilia's story.

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