Thursday, March 1, 2012

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Easter Eggs??!
Lent has only just begun!
We are hosting our family here this year for Easter, and I want to take an art project per week to have ready for decorations about the house on Easter.
We worked on our version of painted Easter eggs. We are inspired by Pysanky eggs, but don't have the patience to be too intricate. I like to see the variety of what we come up with. Each egg will have its own personality.
I have a few more pictures of our experience here.

I found Little Missy cleaning the (play) kitchen without being asked.
She was determined to do a good job.

Missy L dressed herself, she was so proud.
I didn't have the heart to tell her it was inside out, backwards and belonged to her sister.

I have learned:
Boys don't like to work math problems in a normal sitting position,
and it also helps to have a chair that rocks, spins and turns around backwards.

I found some of Cc's art work headed toward the trash. I am not sure when she did it, but I thought it was cute. (How much children's artwork should we hold on to anyway?)


  1. Your eggs are beautiful!
    We have many mornings of wearing brother's clothes or getting dressed backward. It's so cute and they're so proud :)