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{Pretty, Happy , Funny, Real} - Ash Wednesday 2012


The Liturgical Season is just one of the gifts from our sweet Mother Church. Knowing us and our need to fill our hearts and minds in a seasonal ceremonial rhythm, we have the gifts of the beautiful seasons of the church.

Today is a bittersweet day – Ash Wednesday: starting Lent, the long journey to Easter.

It is a hard day, a penitential day. Penance shouldn’t be easy, as we are training our souls towards heaven. Many times penance isn’t un-enjoyable, which is also a little gift. Today has its crosses for us to carry by design, starting with mortification's of fasting and abstinence and giving up other items we know will be hard to do without, adding opportunities for us to show Charity often, all to draw us closer to Christ and learn of His Love through His Passion.

Every year, we seem to have a different routine and we end up visiting a different church on Ash Wednesday. Today we chose the local church closest to us for a noon mass. The church was full, mostly retirees. I did spot another homeschooling family. My little girls had picked such pretty dresses, the sweet older gentlemen ushers thought they should have the honor of bringing up the gifts. Most of their lives they have attended Latin Rite Mass (or Anglican Use), where there isn’t the question of bringing up the gifts. E &Cc were delighted. I was nervous, because the usher pointed to Missy L too, and I couldn’t see her carrying anything sacred. We all did fine: nothing dropped. It was a good lesson for Cc who is preparing for her First Communion to see the wine and bread up close, and she watched the Consecration with a little more interest today. It is quick in the NO mass, I tend to forget how quick with no bells to alert us.

My little ones seem confused and a little wary that my choices of Lenten sacrifices may affect their lives. I chuckle under my breath. No eating out?! What do you mean the tv doesn’t come on? Hehe I am not enjoying their discomfort, just their dismay, and congratulating myself on not letting them adjust my resolutions.
I was reflecting on last year’s Ash Wednesday, which found us at our previous church, previous school coop, surrounded by old friends. I feel a little disconnected today, which is okay, maybe even a little good.

Last year, Cc came back from receiving the ashes noticeably disturbed. I wasn’t sure what had upset her. After a while of coaxing it out of her, she told me that she understood Father to say we were receiving ashes – because since we are from dust, we shall return to dust, and she thought – “Whose ashes were just placed on my forehead?!” poor thing. I explained it was ashes from the palm branches were had brought in a few week earlier. This year, I had her help me gather the palms to bring to Father, to remind her.

Wishing you a fruitful and productive Lent – live it like it is your last!

Help with Sacrifices
We have a 40 days of sacrifices, reflections and activities Chain for the little ones,
(found at DumbOx)

A sacrifice Jar for the rest of us to follow. Task changes day to day, and it usually something we all will share in, to support each other as the day goes on.

Cc colored a cover to the sacrifice jar:

{happy & real} because this is who I share my day with:


  1. So sweet -- I love their happy faces! It is funny what goes through their little minds. I'm glad you figured it out!

  2. Love your precious children! Hope to see you soon! A blessed Lent to each of you.

    1. Such a fantastic post! Isn't it funny the conclusions they come to about stuff?

  3. Thank you for the nice comments. You made my day!