Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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College visit edition
We dropped all of other Saturday activities and drove down to Galveston since Mx wasn't feeling well. We haven't been down yet this semester. His sister made him a big batch of chicken and dumplings to help him feel better. He was feeling well enough for an outing so we had a seafood lunch at a local dive, went to the beach (beautiful, windy and very cold) and drove around to see the mardi gras preparations then back to the dorms.

Mx & his roommate decorated their room with college banners, arranged it to make it open for visitors, even with places to sit.

N is so proud to hang out in his big brother's dorm room. Happy to spend time with him!

Silly sisters sizing up what other changes need to happen to the room, trying to take over.
E definitely has her opinion. There isn't much for us to do for Missy L was running all over and we thought we'd better leave before someone reported a baby loose on campus.

Not focusing on the fact dorm bathrooms shared by four boys are quite dirty (they are) or that I think its interesting college boys have hair products, air freshener and mouthwash on the counter, but at this dorm, the walls sweat, the mirror sweats, even when its cold inside and out, there is humidity seeping. They usually keep the temperature in the room very cold to combat the humidity, but I don't think there is a vent in the bathroom. Be happy I did not post a panoramic of the room.

All my kids together. Missy L wasn't happy all day, not sure why, but she slept the long drive home.


  1. Ewww, I am familiar with Galveston, and don't want to think of a guy's bathroom in that climate! It's funny though.

  2. I know it is more Ewww than real.