Thursday, February 2, 2012

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

{pretty, happy, funny,real}-Evening walk edition- mostly

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I love our big, beautiful Texas winter sky. It's nice to see blue after days of rain.


No words needed, but I wanted to add she was not only happy; after years of watching everyone else have all the fun, she was delighted to have her own!


I know this wasn't funny "haha", it was funny "annoying". We were just leaving for my escape my walk with my 15 year old daughter: a time of day I truly look forward to as a daily break from stress and an opportunity to girl talk, and this old guy stresses me. I know some people have been able to get Labs to behave on walks, but after five years, I haven't been able to make it work with him and ha, I didn't want to today. I know it isn't funny.
He broke loose as we left and thought he'd join us, and - "haha" No, he wasn't invited. My sweet son came and retrieved him. (maybe that was "funny" enough).


Sometimes my shots look like this:

but at least the camera battery had enough for one more shot of my walking partner:


  1. Sweet doggie pictures. We have a lab mix and he is a terrible food stealer. We trained him to walk on a gentle leader and now he is a great walker.

    1. Thanks, Dawn. This one is too social! He never wants to stay home - always getting out to visit with the neighborhood dogs. I didn't think about it being a chance for him to sample other dogs' food - maybe that's it! He is a good dog - just annoying on walks. :)