Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My New Home Office - Reveal

My new office!! I am so happy. I have slowly cleaning and reorganizing my office since 2012 began. I put up three years of reports, boxed up and out of sight (actually on top of the bookcase pictured on the left, but I have to look up to see them). Mx has been evicted and can room upstairs when he comes back from college.
Three years of me in here has done damage to the floor. So I bought a rug to spruce it up. Then found the chair at Pier One; actually M found it, but I was looking too.
Its just about perfect. I have my printers off my desk and organized. I know no one could tell the full effect without seeing a before picture, but that isn't going to happen. I just shut the doors and walked by when I wasn't working.

M's painting above my desk, light coming in most of the day, love it!

Red! I have always loved the color red. I went through a bold repainting phase, having so much fun adding color to our new-to-us twenty five year old home in Alabama, sixteen years and five houses ago. The walls had never been painted from the original coat so long before and begged for color. My favorite wall was a long wall of brick for the fire place. I painted it red. 
It was beautiful, the room was huge, lots of light. Perfect.
So, when I look at this red chair, I just feel happy.
 Ok, maybe in a photo this doesn't look organized. But it actually works well. My job required printing lots and lots of reports, using lots and lots of paper and lots and lots on ink. So, here its all organized.
 I love this little table we found years ago at a cool little garden center in the Heights. It has moved around the house, and now keeps me company in here.

A visitor left behind to keep me company while it's "owner" went for a walk.
We finished her new dress today - doesn't Rosie look pretty? Especially pretty on my red chair. hehe


  1. Hey Mary! I also have a thing for red. In fact, I’m jealous of your red chair. Haha. It’s nice to have it in your office, right? Hmm, why don’t you put some ornamental plants in your office, Mary? It will make your area a little bit more refreshing, and the color green is very relaxing for your eyes too.

    Blake Mitchell