Sunday, February 5, 2012

Counting Gifts: More Gifts to be thankful for...

725 Men brave enough to offer their lives for our freedom.
724 Everyone being well at the same time
723 Kids raising their hands and waiting for me.
722 Wondering why passing drivers seemed amused - then I see Missy L waving at all of them with window down.
721 Playful father with his girls
720 Husband who likes my company while he works.
719 Little girls who walk with such confidence.
718 Drive thru food for a hungry girl.
717 Seeing my neighbors yard sign: "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."
716 Sharing a good deep laugh with my kids
715  The smell of wet piney woods
714 Chasing rainbows on our way home

713 fun phoography tour of town
712 Man proposes, God disposes: such much for early morning plans today – cancelled due to rain.
711 My one room school – no roof, no walls, no limit to where your imagination will take you.
710 Just going for it – even want I don’t want to.
709 Get away with my older kids
708 Praying the Angelus at the park

707 Patience to carve a new life, build new habits.
706 Workday postponed ( giving someone a chance to get well)
705 Sharing our gifts with other
704 Invitations to parties
703 Fan cooled baby chubs
702 The ability of the mind to heal and conquer
701 Endless curiosity
700 Snuggling during thunderstorms
699 Missy L thinking she has computer skills.

698 Someone to keep me company while hubby is gone
697 Looking at photography and learning new ways to look through the lens
696 Place for hubby to have total peace and quiet while he is sick
695  Raindrops on windows
694 Puddles in the ditch
693 The work ethic and dedication of my husband
692 College boys bible study
691 Walking streets at night with Mx and M
690 Lights of downtown
689 Las Fuentas fajitas for dinner
688 Knowing Mx is finding his niche in college
687 M - Listening to her instincts
686 Shopping just for the little girls
685 Smell of new construction – fresh cut lumber
684 Waiting and offering prayers for those who need it
683 Thankful for all the emergency people who rush to help
682 That we were safe and not in an accident
681 Cloudy days, saturated ground, reflective puddles
680 Red roses in February

679 A smile from L makes everyone happy and encourages them to make up
678 Singing songs from musicals with kids while driving with windows down
677 Getting M to math safe after getting so close to police chase
676 New neighbors going to move across street
675 Running into neighbors while out and about
674 A new and exciting hike to walk through neighborhood
673 Assignment to take pictures
672 Having a lake in the neighborhood to add beauty to a walk
671 Hearing “I love you, mommy!”
670 Love and forgiveness of my kids
669 Clean slate of a new day
668 The taste of Thanksgiving dinner in a muffin
667 Kids with forgiving and loving hearts
666 Quiet time alone in the car: time to pray and reflect.
665 The way the sunlight comes through the front window filtered through the Magnolia leaves.
664 E’s dedication to that cat.
663 Boy scouts! I love the concept and sometimes the implementation.
662 L’s curls
661 Sharing extras.
660 Quick visits – nice!
659 New adventures with new people and much to learn.
658 Doing something I don’t want to do but offering it for the good of my kids.
657 Taking a break without feeling guilty.
656 ”When tempted, invoke your angel, he is more eager to help you than you are to be helped! Ignore the devil and do not be afraid of him: he trembles and flees at the sight of your Guardian Angel.” – St. John Bosco
655 Sweet little girls holding hands
654 Texting with son late at night
653 Costco runs – stocking up
652 So thankful for the one I get to hold in the morning.

651 The wonderful souls my days are blessed with.

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