Monday, February 27, 2012

Is there a William Tell in the House?

My children were so inspired by the 4H archery shoot. Their archery skills improved from shooting all day Saturday. Sunday, they brought out targets, bows and set up an area to practice in the back yard. They set up an apple target, something they tried to hit yesterday and missed. 
Photo Waller County Shoot FB
I heard there was even a side wager; Mir was closest with only a nick, and that didn't win the $$.

Craig has been itching to shoot. My husband has natural athletic skills and especially enjoys any kinds of shooting sports. I have seen him pick up a bat and win a home run derby without having touched a bat in decades, so why not pick up a bow and shoot the apple square on? (yes, we razz each other in good humor).

 A natural...
 Arrows all over the place, close; poor William Tell's son might not have made it.
 Craig's glancing shot

N - aka William Tell. His first shot went all through the apple and target. He says, "It was only ten yards, ten yards are easy. William Tell had 60 paces."

My modest archer.

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