Friday, February 10, 2012

Girls' Group

We are so blessed to be included in a girls group run by sweet, faithful, Catholic, homeschooling mothers that have so much creativity and energy - its inspiring! Every other Friday we meet and work on various sewing projects and have a Liturgical tea once a month. The participating girls rotate hosting the teas and  telling about a saint they want to share. 
Today was Cc's turn to tell about St. Cecilia. I was worried since she isn't reading yet, and she sometimes has a difficulty adding to a narrative she already has fixed in her mind. She started telling about the time in Rome when Christians were "put in cages with lions so the lions could pull them apart." She did a beautiful job telling the story of her favorite saint's life including stories about Valerian, Tiburtius and Maximus, the other saints she inspired. Cc is always delighted to tell about the special angel that was put in place to guard St. Cecilia's vow of purity, so "if Valerian wanted to kiss her or make her have babies, the angel would kill him."
Today's tea was the theme of Candlemas. They learned what that feast meant and were treated with delights of cucumber cream cheese pits, apple cider,  and beautiful Sacred Heart shaped and decorated cookies. It a joy-filled few hours of sweet happiness these sweet girls share together.

Materials to choose for the dolls clothes:

Beautifully set table welcoming them to tea.

Cc working hard on the bodice of her doll's dress

Cc named her doll Rosie.

E waiting to pick the ribbons to adorn the doll's dress

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