Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feeding Ducks as a form of punishment

  Today was not my day. We had a rough morning with the younger girls disregarding some of the commandments, mostly the fourth, but testing the limits with some of the others as well. I want my girls to get along, and if they can't be friends -  then at least don't fight!
Well, they did anyway. 
So the girls were in trouble.
Today is N's birthday and I had promised he and M could go to a movie and I'd take the little ones to something animated. 

{School day? We plan our schedule with  birthdays as personal choice school holidays.}

As punishment for this morning's infractions, we were not to see a movie, but sit in the car in the parking lot while M&N saw the movie (it's not close enough to go home and back in the length of a movie).Well, it was pouring and I thought if I have to sit in the car, at least I'd find a pretty parking lot. 
I found this empty, little, soaked lot that was overwhelmingly populated by an assortment of ducks and birds.

We thought these little American coots (mud hens) were adorable. Their feet are so interesting. These guys were feisty. I threw out a bit of food to them, and the ducks went wild. So the girls went wild with excitement. This is probably Missy L's first up close encounter. 
I think these were juveniles by their feathers and size, but they were quite bold bossing the mallards around.

What a beautiful setting to ride out our punishment time.
It stopped raining and I let them get out for a few minutes. They took their shoes off to not get soaked in the lot and on the flooded path. (and yes, I made them, wash their feet).

She wanted to run after the ducks to the water as they were trying to get away from her.

These Muscovy ducks are always at the parks and I can't help but think they are one of the ugliest of God's creation! They don't have much personality, they are ugly, they snap at the kids.

We walked on the trails until the rain threatened again. Once we picked up the others from the movies, E yelled, "We had the best time." 
Okay, so now am I to feel guilty for not making the punishment harsh?
Don't answer that.
I believe in mercy, and when I show mercy, I trust I will be shown mercy.
They didn't get so see the movie, and we did have to wait in the car. We made up and Cc spontaneously said a prayer to help her be a good girl.
I know parenting styles vary, I don't want to tell anyone else how to do it. I believe in doing the best I can and follow my gut, my heart, my conscious.
These girls are sweet. They do love each other. They are helpful to me and do not like to upset anyone. 
I am happy to see them play together at this moment refreshed by their punishment.

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