Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Eggs: What we did for art today...

Wednesday is our scheduled at-home-all-day  - but many weeks errands get thrown in and we find ourselves running ourselves around on a day that should be more enjoyable. It is hard to really relax and enjoy a school day when we are running.  At home all day, I am more likely  to get out a big project, enjoy it and clean up and get regular school accomplished before we even think about dinner.

We are looking ahead to Easter, getting decorations planned for the celebration we will host.

Pysanky inspired eggs. We made our first attempt several years back. I found some from that day and livened them up with a coat of Mod Podge.  This year, in preparation I ordered a few more tools and more dyes. We found the dyes I had made years ago tucked away in the back of the pantry still good. Red and yellow were dried up, so I thought we'd just play with the colors we found.

We took turns blowing out the eggs. This process worked well; just starting with a needle prick, enlarging to get the yolk out, then rinsing water through the inside of the egg.

The kids are at all different levels of patience and creativity. 
M is a natural artist and lots of patience..

We picked our favorite tool, and candle to work with and just worked with the wax to what inspired us.
tulips in the making:

even the dripping are pretty.

 M's came out really well. Her patience paid off - beautiful. She coated it with a clear glitter spray paint.

one of the older eggs livened up with a clear coat

Now I'll tuck away and bring out for our Easter decorations.

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