Sunday, February 19, 2012

Counting Gifts: 800 < Gifts < 825

825 new episodes to look forward to
824 doing absolutely nothing, absolutely nothing needed to be done
823 the car on fire wasn't parked next to me

822 bowling

821 N having boy time opportunities

820 Song to learn the ten commandments

The Ten Commandments Song
First, I must honor God,
Second, honor His Name,
Third, on His day be holy, this will be my aim.
Fourth, I must be obedient,
Fifth, be kind and true,
Sixth, be pure in all I say and see and hear and do.
Seventh, I must be honest
Eighth, be truthful in all things I say
Ninth, be pure in mind and heart and all I think and desire each day.
Tenth, I must be satisfied, not be jealous come what may
These are God's Ten Commandments,
These I must obey.

819 Visiting with Mollie waiting for the boys
818 N excited about a promotion in altar serving
817 Hearing about the boys work day from one of Craig's friends
816 Being told nice things about my husband two days in a row by two different people.
815 "The minutes that follow Holy Communion are the most precious ..."
814 Being invited to stay during teen night.
813 M's new painting decorating my living room:

812 Mx cutting apron strings - doing his own laundry
811 Valentines chocolate on clearance
810 Girls helping dad in the shop
809 N sushi birthday

808 Nursing humming
807 "We had the best time!" heard one girl to the next
806 Or to shatter my relationships
805 Not allowing shattered things to shatter me
804 Getting beyond disappointments
803 Feeding ducks on a rainy day
802 Valentines roses

801 Chocolate covered strawberries

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