Friday, February 10, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

St. Anthony is my best holy helper!
Middle age has hit me with short term memory issues and I have been mostly misplacing but also loosing things. He came to my rescue twice today!
Saint Anthony Saint Anthony
Please come around!
Something is lost and can't be found.
Please help me find it.

Thank you sweet Saint Anthony !!

My husband had the best solution for solving dinner issues- we've hired someone to help-

my oldest daughter!!
She is adventurous in the kitchen: venison spaghetti, salad, garlic buns last night and mahi mahi, corn maque choux and salad tonight. My son made brownies for dessert. Best idea yet. She's happy and gets great experience and a little pocket money and we are well fed.

Getting caught up on paperwork! I had a nagging thought in the back of my mind that I should be spending more time on the accounting part of our business. I have been allowing other distractions to take my time lately and realized today how behind I was not just on reconciling bank accounts, payables, filing but year end work as well., So I set up to get caught up. With dinner taken care of, I actually enjoyed working! I have always enjoyed balancing bank accounts- like a puzzle to me. It's a closed system- so how hard could it be? Well, it was about as hard as I imagined with credit card companies changing deposits and auto payments all having a hand in the account being months behind.
It is so refreshing to be caught up! It is a great feeling of accomplishment.

February - dreay rainy month so far - finding myself dreaming of an escape from our routine. We are coming and going so much, hubby traveling, we aren't taking time to really talk to each other. Yesterday was a good day for catching up ! Resetting communication. I am planning a weekend get away to have us all reconnect, but we have to fit it in the schedule.

Diapers, braces, colleges, weddings, car repairs, retirement:
all in Gods hands!
Not going to give in to worry.

Gentle sound of rain outside my window keeping me company.

Lent is coming !
Craving order.
Simplify before lent begins.
Reduce temptation opportunities.
Coming too soon.
Celebrate this lent like it's our last.

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