Friday, February 3, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

I had a well thought out post all drafted up with seven meaningful observations of happenings in my life from the value of scouts, to the value of being delayed for an hour behind a fatal car accident down to the pondering trying to raise innocent children in a time where some really bad people package evil  to look innocent. 
I didn’t mention my disgust with the whole Komen thing and how I never have, nor never will, support them. Then my computer ate all my thoughtful writing and acted like I never said anything. 
 because I invested time, I wanted to have something to show for my 7 quick takes and thankfully, we had our wonderful nature journal class to have something to pick from.
Twelve year old boys are very nice to have around.

This bird is very loud - and liked that it made enough noise for me to come and take its picture.
Missy L can have fun no matter where we are!
just makes me happy to see her face! 
Shrimp plant flowers are very pretty.
There are a lot of animal remains to be found around the nature preserve.

E can squish her face in a shape her own mother has a hard time recognizing her.

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