Friday, February 24, 2012

7 Friday Quick Takes

Life is good!
No special reason for saying this, just feeling good about life right now!

Driving to a birthday party in the middle of the day knowing its a school day, my son was almost giddy to realize that we are probably not going to do any more school today, while his school friends weren't out until 3.
After this many years of homeschooling, I do not feel guilty that there are children confined in a brick building while we are skipping through the daisies. We earn our days off from our formal schoolwork. Today could answer the homeschooling critics' tired question: what about socialization? You know, the question asked so much you'd think it's the one reason people send their kids to school.
We are learning all the time.
At today's birthday party, the children showed their piano skills (Music Appreciation & Performance), found crawdads in their natural habitat (Science), played board games (Logic, Math & Debate), told each other stories (English Composition:Narration), and our host's son made the cake (Home Ec).
I didn't need to record what we did today, because we do well beyond the government required 180 days of formal school. We could just relax and enjoy our friends without pointing out any learning was taking place.

Two things about the start of Lent:
It is surprising how many people can't stand to see rubbed ashes on someone else's forehead and many feel so compelled to tell you that you have something smudged on your forehead,(like it took a lot of courage to tell you that), and be almost insulted that not only you knew it was there, but that you didn't bother to wipe it off and that you seemed to prefer it stay there.
"Oh, Ash Wednesday? You Catholics still do that?"
Keep in mind, Lent is good for the body as well as the soul.

It's nice having children with range of ages. Nineteen to one really makes it like we have two families. I enjoy seeing my oldest contemplate adult decisions of what job to do or what stock to invest in and then have a little one year old proud of her accomplishments of coming downstairs alone or hearing her new word.
Children are a joy!

Red flag warning day.
Strong angry winds outside.
Fear from three days bonfire burning in neighbors' yard, burning fiercely last night.
Fear is worse than caffeine.
Praying for protection from fire.
Memories of wildfire fears too strong.
Our area hit too hard last year, area woods still black and scarred.
Limbs falling on our roof, limbs the size of small trees.
Making mental note - kids stay inside all day!

Evening walks have changed their tone from joyful silliness to caution and safety.
I love my time with my children on evening walks, especially now since the temperature is cool.
We joke about the wild deer stalking us, but there is a real danger: we have had two encounters with a human "threat". A creepy guy in an off-white four door long bed diesel dully following us.
We like to think we live in an area immune to danger. Our neighborhood is 50 miles outside a major city with most people on a little land. Houses are back from the road and spread out, which is what we like. We've had a reality check on our idea of safety. I think it's time to look into a woman's self defense class. 

Memory popped in my head of my first year in public school: fourth grade and they were teaching something in that Alabama town that my mother didn't want me to hear. So I was removed from the classroom to sit in the hall or library while this subject was taught. I imagine it must have been a bible-belt version of the reformation, but I don't know.
Kudos to my mom for protecting me.
I only recall curiosity toward me  from the other students on why I got to skip a class.
It is a piece of the puzzle explaining my passion for homeschooling. I too want to see what is being taught to my children and keep the junk away. I want them to have a joy for learning and a need to understand their faith and where that places them in the world.


  1. #3: Didn't realize that anyone (Catholic or Protestant) had ever *stopped* doing it! (I'm married to a Lutheran pastor.)

  2. I think Ashes on the forehead is a rare sighting where I live, besides only happening just once a year. I have had strange reactions all day to my ashes (they don't seem to stay as a cross, usually end up more as a smudge). Many Catholic or Protestant ignore this holy season.