Friday, February 17, 2012

7 Friday quick takes

My oldest is cutting the apron strings: he did own laundry on campus. I didn't mind doing his laundry, it meant we had to see him often enough as he had clothes, which was about every two weeks. The laundry fees are prepaid in tuition costs. The laundry room is next to his dorm. He will not always be close enough for me to do it. So of course it is what should be done, but it leaves a tiny hole in my heart.

Lent- getting official about planning sacrifices. I need to get all in the house on the same path, more success that way. I have things in my control then other things I am not sure I can or should force others to give up.
Father reminded us to pick Lenten sacrifices for success. I like the random sacrifice jar- that has worked well in the past. Daily rosary, daily reading from Bible, some diet changes, some screen limitations.
Things to help us help each other: holding tongue in anger,
doing chores without reminders,
doing school cheerfully. Almost ready.

Netflix and Masterpiece Theater get me in trouble- after I watched Downton Abbey, now I found Bleak House. I don't like to read Dickens (too dark and depressing  for me), but I love the BBC movies.

Roller skates- always a good gift- even better to try out in the fog at night.

Teenagers - now I have three.
I was going to write a poem to N for his birthday, I started, but didn't finish it. My poetry writing skills haven't improved much since I was in second grade. There is so much I'd want to say to this wonderful child in verse, but it doesn't come out the way I want.
Here is a draft:
Nicko Nicko I want to write you a poem:

Oh my he's thirteen!
When did he get so lean?
Started off a round fat chubbs
'twas so happy, full of love.

Sweet, kind and generous,
He really is the best of us.
He doesn't let a day go by
That hugs aren't given walking by.

He has lots of dreams,
Plans and schemes
I'm sure he'll change the world
To be a better place!

Valentine arrival,
Eyes of melted chocolate,
Never discouraged,
Always bright and uplifting.

Video game crazy,
Never afraid of a challenge,
Quick to offer a helping hand,
Mind full of wonder.

I love you! Thank you for thirteen sweet years!!

I told you it was poor (ok, bad) poetry- I even gave up trying to rhyme, but there it is.

I am excited for my husband to be part of the committee breaking ground for our new church.
What I didn't realize is that will be his new hobby occupying all his Saturdays, and some work days for the next foreseeable future. How wonderful it is moving quickly. I am happy he has a group that he works well with for a great cause!

I am thankful for every day of my off-site/home office job, I know it could end at anytime. I think I will spruce up my office space for the new year. Things could pick up. I never thought we'd still be open in 2012.

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