Monday, January 30, 2012

What do you see?

Mother/ Daughter or Big Sister/Little Sister?
Does a judgement pop in your head when you see these faces, assuming this young girl got pregnant? Some people look at this beautiful pair and mutter audible scorn and judgement, treat these girls as if they are a picture of sin, and walk past them oozing with disdain and judgement. I want to challenge them: if this 15 year old was the mother of this one year old, didn't she make a pro life decision, living her youth for an other to have life? Do we have the obligation to give her support and love for choosing life, at least not add our judgement on to her cross? Or do we already make teen motherhood readily accepted in our society? Most high schools, and even junior highs, have nurseries now!

Of course, what I see is beauty that fills me with happiness; these are two of the most beautiful people I know, my oldest and youngest daughters. I am so blessed to have a great helper; my youngest gets to have another pair of helpful loving hands and my oldest gains experience to draw on when she is a mother. Since that isn't what many people see, and often make my daughters uncomfortable with these uncomfortable exchanges, it makes me wonder what could be done to change the culture from all viewpoints. We have chosen to add teen mothers and their babies to our prayer intentions, along with praying for an end to abortion..

A child has a right to be born. And just because we don't approve how that child was conceived, shouldn't we still surround him with love? How do we support without encouraging this behavior?

Fortunately, for support of my daughter who happens to look to some like she is my youngest daughter's mother, we know many sister pairs that span of 14+ years which offer my daughters support and protection to live their lives surrounded by love and support.

I teach my children to understand what love is and when it's appropriate to share that love to create a child. I pray for my sons and daughters to make holy decisions and be blessed abundantly at the appropriate time in their life. But, if one of my daughters made the choice many assume in this picture- I would welcome life, support life. As Catholics, we need to go beyond the sidewalks at PP and see how else we can make a difference in our culture. It goes beyond to how we educate youth from engaging in sexual activity, support these girls when they need it, and promote adoption.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us.

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