Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dear homeschooling graduates,

I want to give words of encouragement and support and issue a challenge to you.
You are the generation that will take over and change the world. Being the first homeschooling generation, you were raised with Christian principles by parents who took risks to do education differently, enduring minor rebukes and major judgements, investing large sums in building your own libraries and trying many curriculum while paying taxes for schools you wouldn't attend.
Much of the world you witnessed.
Much you were protected from.
Many of you are already out in the world courageously starting your careers and families.

Hold fast,
Be courageous,
Believe all can be done!

keep in mind the homeschool brothers and sisters coming up after you. As always with the oldest, there is great opportunity and great responsiblity as eyes are on you.
The choices your make.
The life you will lead.
You are living how "homeschooler" will be defined.

If there are failures - get up try again, and again, and again. Then, find another way to get there.
Support each other. Don't judge each other
Create a world for you all with your vision of anything is possible.
Don't let the world tell you how it's always done.

Be proud of all of being free to create your own way.
There are so many young hs parents wonderig if they are doing the right thing by homeschooling and they will look to you for your example.

It will take Courage.
You have had to face many things with courage already.
Don't let the world tell you What to do,
or How to do it,
or Who to be.
Live a live you know will be accountable to God, and the world can't hold you.

Trust that dreaming homeschool child within.
Don't let the working world steal your imagination.
Push on and be patient for your time to shine and implement your dreams.
It will come.
God has a plan for this homeschool generation.
Its exciting to be alive to watch it,
And gives such hope to know you all are out there!

A mom so proud to see this generation creating their own way - changing the world for the next generation to thrive.

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