Monday, January 2, 2012

Counting Gifts: Thankful Through the Holy Days of Christmastide...

400 Mx and his cautious nature & love to research.
399 A kennel to put those noisy barking dogs in for instant quiet
398 A warm house on a cold morning
397 Being on the same page with my husband about church
396 Waking up next to Craig and Missy L

395 Cuties! And how easy they are to peel.
394 Family dinner together – so good to have all my kids together for mass and dinner. (feeling & knowing  it won’t be this way for long)
393 My neighbors shooting new year’s fireworks, so we didn’t have to!
392 Mom’s scotch toffee for N and pineapple goodstuff for Craig.
391 The universality of the church and knowing Jesus is present – there.
390 For my parents – always so generous to us!
389 Thankful my kids have a lot of great cousins and friends to bring in 2012.
388 Thankful Kathy “made” me do the party – I was a fun way to bring in the new year not in isolation!
387 So thankful the unspeakable nightmare was just a dream
386 Fun with big yellow and red ball.
385 Four batches of turkey enchiladas – and kids coming back for seconds.
384 Miss L going over to snuggle with her dad

383 M having good friends come get her and bring her home for a movie.
382 Seeing a happy Miss L at her best because she is well and knows it is good to be well. 
381 Car repaired –reminding myself - its still cheaper than a new car
380 N telling me all about hunting trip 
379 Knowing all the chores can wait – just to let L lie here across my chest a little longer – to never forget this peace.
378 The therapeutic nature of building our annual scrapbook: reminding me big gifts all year!
377 Giving in for E’s happiness, to get her large stuffed dolphin – after all it was gift money.
376 Thankful the boys are home safe from hunting – praying Mx’s hearing damage isn’t permanent (it does!)
375 Girl talk! Fun to play pretend future matchmaker with my girls!
374 Getting inspiration and project ideas for the new year.
373 2.3 “The aged women, in like manner, in holy attire, not false accusers, not give to much wine, teaching well: 2.4 That they may teach the young women to be wise, to love their husbands, to love their children, 2.5 To be discreet, chase, sober, having care of the house, gentle, obedient to their husbands, that the word of God be nor blasphemed .” Titus
372 ”Eucharist”?  Our Lord instituted the Holy Eucharist by taking bread, blessing, breaking and giving to His Apostles, saying, ”Take ye and eat. This is my body”, and then, by taking the cup of wine, blessing and giving it, saying to them,: “Drink ye all of this. This is my blood which shall be shed for the remission of sins. Do this for a commemoration of me.”
371 Teaching the children that the best gift of Christmas is Jesus Himself so that we may share heaven by His sacrifice.
370 Thankful for the Church’s teachings: A. We show that Christ did change bread and wine into the substance of His body and blood: (1) From the words by which He promised the Holy Eucharist; (2) From the words by which instituted the Holy Eucharist; (3) From the constant use of the Holy Eucharist in the church since the time of the Apostles; (4) From the impossibility of denying the Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist, without likewise denying all that Christ has taught and done; for w have stronger proofs for the Holy Eucharist than any other Christian truth.
369 The Holy Eucharist is the sacrament which contains the body, blood, soul and divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ under the appearance of bread and wine
368 Having the vast wisdom of the Catholic Church in an app at my fingertips – and with a search feature!
367 “The word Eucharist strictly means pleasing and this sacrament is so called because it renders us most pleasing to God by the grace it imparts and gives us the best means of thanking him for all his blessings.
366 for His Word: “I desire therefore first of all, that supplications, prayers, intercessions and thanksgiving be made for all men. 1 tim 2.1
365 Random memories of Rome popping in my head! Just to fight the urge and need to return.

364 For Missy L and all her yummy snuggleness!
363 Thankful my crosses don’t include autism & cancer – praying to lighten the load for those who do
362 Happy to see M painting and using her creative side.
361 Comforting to read most eardrum injuries heal on their own
360 Oh! What beautiful faces that belong to my children! Thankful the camera caught so many beautiful images
359 Looking back – really thankful for T’s friendship – I do believe it pulled me back into an active participation of motherhood, friendship & adventuring!
358 2011 Goals accomplished: Mx’s high school graduation, college acceptance, college scholarship, 4.0! Weight loss – reaching all goals he sets for himself
357 Thankful for the Ingle spirit – praying for Aunt Trevie defies the medical industry like the rest of her siblings!
356 Making all my girls happy – first dinner at panda express, then the rest at taco bell – Having patience and luxury to “spoil “ them in a small thing
355 Dogs peacefully sleeping in the house – the sounds of their contented snores
354 motivational reading – motivating me to turn the page and move on
353 Feast of the Holy Innocents! – they are never lost or forgotten, but instead hold a special love from God – probably playing at Mary’s feet. Pray for us sweet souls!
352 Celebrating all that 2011 taught us: some friendships come and go, educational goals can be achieved, dream big since dreams can come true.
351 Missy L able to forgive quickly
350 Two sisters playing dress up and lovingly taking care of each other
349 Going through 2011 in pictures – what a great year with so many great adventures
348 Girls praying the rosary with me for Mx’s hearing injury
347 God’s wisdom in giving us new beginning opportunities every year, every day!
346 Looking forward to achieving goals /I am setting for myself in the new year!
345 CC waking up next to me – seeing my face – and smiling a big smile – falling back to peaceful sleep
344 Hearing my daughter’s perspective on what I thought was a bad experience – reminded me of the gift of simplicity
343 Loving when my kids get the subtle jokes the author makes – then being compelled to explain it to their siblings
342 Contemplating the 12 days of Christmas song with N and E – all the gifts each day or just the new item?  (from reading the 13 days of Christmas)
341 Marilyn and Michael surviving the Amazon’s spiders & all other dangers.
340 Sharing nori with M, L and the cat  :0
339 Girls time – always better with shopping
338 A couple of nativity finds on sale
337 Back from dropping N with Craig for hunting trip. Both making it back safe  - an appreciative N getting to make up for lost time.
336 A text greeting from an estranged friend
335 L well enough to sleep most of the night
334 Christmas dinner leftovers lasting long
333 C dancing her ballet steps to tinkerbell music
332 Electronics are not all "bad" – waking up to a text from Mx in a hunting blind in the wilds of Texas
331 Thankful for the bonding and reconciliation power of reading aloud to the kids
330 Sacred art (especially with big healthy breast fed babies)
329 Contemplating goals for the new year to refresh me and renew my hopes
328 Seeing L go from lethargic to slightly energetic – for a moment – gives me hope and gratitude!
327 E making mothers milk tea for me
326 Nursing to help her from getting dehydrated
325 One more payroll
324 Kathy checking in on me
323 Having people who love me
322 L going to sleep without pain the first time in three nights
321 Knowing I am missing the point and YEARNING to make changes to get it right
320 Having the most challenging xmas ever -  over
319 Babe in the manger
318 Twice baked potatoes, mom’s chocolate pie, turkey, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, pumpkin pie, my husband who insists Christmas dinner will happen!
317 My kids’ friends happy to share Christmas morning tidings!
316 Thankful I can comfort L when she is sick in the middle of the night
315 Thankful to see lakes and creeks full again after long drought
314 Enthusiastic Christmas light displays in the neighborhood – late night drive with the kids
313 Christmas time! Lights – excitement – gratitude – good food – relaxed time with family – making memories
312 Sisters playing with dolls together
311 First presents of Christmas
310 Recipes from Craig’s family- nice to have some traditions
309 That Dominic’s cancer is the most treatable kind
308 C being able to sleep soundly
307 For Craig helping with L at 3 am – clean up bath
306 Knowing this illness will pass, it’s only a bug – offering up pain for those that need it
305 Craig taking care of grocery run
304 C such a brave sick girl
303 That L stopped throwing up
302 For Craig rescuing his daughter and her friends late when he has to get up early
301 To have a moment to nap with L

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