Saturday, January 28, 2012

Counting Gifts: still counting - 650!

Ok, I’m slowing down on my goal to 1000. So I’ll either post every 50 or once a week. Still thankful for so many things – my life is pretty repetitive, so trying not to say the same every day!

650 companionship of the Holy Ghost
649 natural highlights
648 the wonderful fact that yummy baby hands actually work
647 Loving God’s Creation in the perfection of baby skin: heavenly soft
646 Being asked to be part of the preparation of adding another Soldier to Christ’s army
645 Catechism at my fingertips – my favorite app: Ipieta
644 A quick visit with M’s old violin teacher
643 Snoring babies
642 For Craig -  the “doghouse” is a comfy rv (not that he was in trouble)
641 Crazy color hair: It’s only hair, it’s only hair, it’s only hair…
640 Getting musically inspired
639 Our Friday morning activities: group dance, making marbles, stuffing dolls, virtue training, praying together, socializing – so so thankful!!
her sisters dressed her today
638 My girls making their own dolls
637 “The hardest thing in life to learn is which bridge to cross and which one to burn.” – David Russell
636 Sweet CC – most patient sick patient ever
635 Someone to look up to
634 Steadfast husband –example to the world it can be done
633 Discussing our Blessed Virgin Mary’s biblical origins with M and N
632 Unexpected sushi date night
631 Having E for company waiting for M
630 Little house gingerbread  - and how they enjoy baking!
( I think N had a hand in helping ) see it?...

629 Roses blooming in January where and when you’d least expect
628 Rush
627 Train whistle in the distance
626 Feasts at our round table
625 Big brothers!
624 N says Missy L is never “out”  - (she knows she’s special)
623 N and E exercise chase game rule: “if you vomit  - you are out.”
622 Ten minute power clean with everybody helping
621 Meditations on all the Holy Marys in the Bible
620 Indoor exercise for P.E.
619 L says “ding dong” and starts dancing in circles the “Let’s do the fork in the garbage disposal” dance.
618 driving home in crazy thunderstorm – safely
617 scale to finally move to give n a little encouragement when I need it
616 comfortable bed
615 cooling air taking over in a very humid room
614 Benefits of enabling my husband to be a work a holic – doing crazy adventures with my kids with a bonus of seeing Mx and meeting his friend.
613 Just gotta love: Lubys + Missy L + old people. Everyone waves and leaves smiling!
612 Newly renovated rooms
611 Helping N find his rhythm & being able to sit in on his piano lesson
610 Big fleece warm blankets
609 At least a small refund is better than having to pay any more taxes
608 Little girls painting each other’s nails
607 News of remission for a sweet young man and his family and friends who love him
606 Getting enough school done for one day
605 Finding a lost bag with borrowed items in it and – bonus – not panicking
604 Finding a left out coffee cup giving me memories of a nice visit with Father
603 My little one sleeping in her dads spot after he left for work smells like him when I hug her.
602 …and he never hesitates to share them.
601 that my husband has many talents…

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