Thursday, January 26, 2012

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E wanted to make lamb and cross shaped gingerbread - so we tried Laura Ingall's recipe. Perfect timing after finishing reading 
Little House in the Big Woods today. No egg recipe - should be called spice bread. Yummy.
She also went on to make some cookies of her own recipe (with cocoa powder). Tasty!

L picked this out for Christmas. Its her favorite toy. She can (usually) work all the openers. A couple still give her a little trouble.

This is kitty's favorite spot to hang out - the window above the computer in my old stationary box.


when dad is out of town, three little girls fit in his spot
round button chicken


  1. Cats always seem to find the perfect sunny spot! That gingerbread looks yummy! I've always thought it would be neat to get that cookbook, maybe I'll check it out from the library one of these days and try something out.

  2. I have a lamb mold - I only think of it at Easter. Gingerbread! A good idea.