Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nature Journaling

We started the nature journal class today. I think its been four years since the original class.

I am disappointed I haven't kept up my journal, especially since I love to look over my, Mx's and M's journals. I am happy to see what N, E & C come up with. Fred is such a great instructor, really talks to the kids as people and they always respond well to that.
Fred has had a such a tough past few years. I didn't even think about how hard it might be to teach this class after he lost so many of his own journals and special books in the fire. I do hope it could be therapeutic. The room was filled, so many more than I had hoped. I hope its not too many. People usually drop out after the first one. I'll be happy to spend it with Kathy, Catalina & Maureen - and the kids get to be together and hopefully make a few new friends.
I hope to sit in the class occasionally and learn about how to improve my journals; but for now, I am happy to keep company with other moms of little ones and discover the woods with L.

photo credits to M :)

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