Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Catholic Gems

Catholic Gems OR Treasures of the Catholic Church:
A Repository of Catholic Instruction
I just absolutely love old books, especially 100 year old family Catholic Bible story books! I took a picture of this page from my husband's family's Catholic "Bible". It is arranged more like storybook than like the Holy Bible, with family birth and death records in the middle seconds. I was given this for safe keeping from my husband's aunt after it had been left in a barn for quite some time. The pages are very fragile, flaking off when touched. I am not sure if anything can be done, maybe at a high price. Someday I'll check into it. I would love to pick it up and read from it to the kids, but it is really that delicate. 
I would love to dismantle it to preserve the art. (but I won't - don't worry)
This page is so cool with the "watermark" chalice and host - lest us not forget the focus of our faith - Jesus, in the Holy Eucharist -Who died for our sins. I love this book most because it is a PROUD Catholic book full of such wisdom and faith!
Anyway, the quotes are as following - in case you can't see due to the glare:

I am the Light of the World
He that followeth Me
Walketh not in Darkness, but
shall Have the Light of Life.
St. John VII -12

I am the Good Shepherd; the Good
Shepherd giveth his life for His sheep.
St. John X-2
I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life;
No Man may come to the Father but by Me.
St. John XIV -6
Unless You be Converted and Become as
Little Children,
You shall not Enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.
St. Matt XVIII - 3
If we are to be like little children: look how these little people are desperately trying to get to Jesus. Longing, Love, unashamed Desire to be next to Him.

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