Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy Feast of the Epiphany!

I love the Christmas season and celebrating beyond December 25. So many people miss out on the wonderful celebrations of all the twelve days of Christmas. Sadly, many people think it is the twelve days before Christmas. We are off to celebrate a procession of children singing to the pastor at his rectory, a gift exchange, a feast with a king cake and hopefully ending with some dancing. I plan on Craig meeting us there.
I sadly missed 6:30 am Mass for the Epiphany water blessing. I hope we can get some Sunday.
I have been trying to have my own personal epiphany, but as always, if I just let God lead, then I can see its a much better revelation than whatever I was trying to conjure up.
I am so excited to be starting the school year anew, with a revamped schedule: out fewer days than last semester, with plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature and family. What could be better?!
Mx is working with his new camera, and I am following along to learn any new tricks to take better pictures. I do love pictures - taking them, making albums, sharing and just reliving the moments of our life.

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