Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Counting Gifts: Half Way There...

500 M & me catching up on our favorite show.
499 Chocolate!
498 Being assured we won't be relocating!
497 That Miss L can be happy in the backpack for our nature walks

496 Peace at knowing my choices for school are working
495 Making through a big day – all happy to be home.
494 Strangers complimenting my daughter’s beauty.
493 Seeing Mx’s artistic side reawakened – scary music with lights off - not necessary.

492 Telling stories in the dark.
491 Completing a volunteer project with boy scouts for this year.
490 Hubby calling the power company for me from his business trip.
489 Finding enough flashlights and candles and matches when the power went off.
488 The beautiful view out my window.
487 That they know they are welcome in my bed in the middle of the night.
486 The way the scent of perfume stays on a baby’s head – reminding me of how much help M is with L eight hours later.
485 “YOU have one year old?!?!” Yes, thank God, I do.
484 Being able to help Mx pay spring tuition balance
483 Planning out my 101 in 1001
482 Homemade rice crispies
481 Gratitude filling my heart
480 Being able to have a few moments of complete focused prayer before the tabernacle.
479 Getting dogs put up with L staying asleep.
478 Early morning texts from hubby on business trip.
477 Safe in bed with raging thunder and lightning storm outside.
476 Dog was returned before I knew he was lost.
475 ”Hungry” college student eager to do odd jobs to make money
474 Typical January has the girls out playing in water in swim suits
473 Long walk with C, E, Mx and L on a neighborhood trail I have never been on

472 To hear E say, “that reminds me of Florence” and I knew just the place down the hill from the monastery she was talking about
471 Thankful for all 5 senses! God is great!
470 Reminder to follow Jesus’ example of humility
469 Unexpectedly celebrating Elvis’ birthday
468 Sharing concerns about mom with Kathy
467 Mx putting dogs up for night
466 Craig taking M and N to teen group bonfire at Strong’s – knowing Craig is enjoying himself as much as the kids. And N getting to be counted as a teen.
465 My generous husband – sharing and delivering meat.
464 Happy to have extra venison to share!
463 Silly text from my b-i-l to reconnect with my sister.
462  C’s great attitude toward life and new situations, (especially dancing with dads – lol)
461 Our beautiful home
460 Quiet house for sleep
459 Six healthy pregnancies, six natural births, six wonderful people – God’s gift to me.
458 Last of Christmas put away – the years come and go too fast
457 Being able to relax with a sleeping baby while someone else does the kitchen
456 Baby asleep from happy exhaustion
455 Sore feet from dancing
454 Being with lots of other families – husbands and wives
453 Parties on the calendar
452 Making memories with new friends
451… And thankful Craig came too!
450 Epiphany party for boy's and girl's group
449 Virginia reel – watching my kids dance with big smiles on their faces

448 Can’t go wrong deep frying chicken and tortillas
447 Celebrating the epiphany of our Lord and how many gifts we receive
446 “The chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what we want most for what we want at the moment.” – Anonymous
445 Having tried and true recipes that they will all eat
444 For my girls – making diner two nights in a row
443 “A habit is overcome by a habit.” – Erasmus
442 C’s warts going away. On their own
441 Quiet morning before the chaos starts
440 For my husband’s job
439 B – had a good day
438 Sore muscles from doing something
437 Finding inspiration from those who have set an example for me
436 Energy boosts from vitamins
435 Beginning the de-junk process to simplify house
434 Sweet Miss – sharing her celery with me
433 Thankful for nice walk and talk with M and Mx
432 Thankful a catholic, conservative, pro-life homeschooler surged in Iowa
431 That all my babies are safe tonight – praying for the family who misses their 3 year old girl and the neighbor that hit her
430 Big brother helping little sister brush her teeth
429 Exercise buddies
428 Learning the art and techniques of photography from/through my kids
427 Getting some school done for first day back
426 Hearing from two friends out of the blue today
425 That M and Mx can do their part to help Linda
424 Mozart & Michelangelo – incredible gifts to the world – starting composer/artist months again.
423 A beautiful winter day – so nice the kids could spend the last school holiday outdoors
422 Hugs from N-o
421 Coffee with chicory – ala cafĂ© du monde – to feel awake
420 Thankful for a washer and dryer and the happy ding ding to let me know my laundry is done
419 Always thankful for Mx’s sense of humor and ability to melt my stress away
418 Someone finally well and happy about being alive

417 Projecting B may make it a few more weeks
416 So thankful to have Mx home and can enjoy conversations and dreams with him
415 Playing with L on her new popup toys way past her bedtime
414 Family rosary! I love getting everyone together for prayers
413 Evening walk with M – and the pleasure of knowing we will pass crazy walker man at some point
412 Wedela diaper cream for little missy
411 Listening to sweet gibberish baby talk of a happy girl
410 Watching a joyful baby take her bath
409 Starting the new year with a new color 
408 N and Craig’s new passion or shooting bow
407 For M – having her with me – can’t imagine a day she’ll grow up and live her lovely life away from me.
406 Missy L is ok after another fall
405 Thankful I didn’t have to take him to the ortho today
404 Rearranging furniture for a fresh feeling
403 Knowing New Year’s resolution can start on the third
402 Campfires – bringing people together
401 The sparse feeling of my house after Xmas decor is put away

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