Sunday, January 15, 2012

Goal Accomplished

We took Mx to dinner celebrating his graduation - long overdue, his scholarship - still rejoicing, and his 4.0 first semester at college - amazed and proud!
He picked Vic & Anthony's- Craig's all time favorite Houston steak house. Craig took me there a couple years ago on our anniversary get away weekend. It was lovely then and still delicious now. We have a nice quiet corner table, enjoyed everything we could imagine having in one meal and loved the time with Mx, realizing on the drive home he really needed to be moving back into the dorm the next day.

Its hard not to go to move him in - the ceremony of saying bye, but - thank God!- he's only in Galveston and can come back often. He doesn't need us there this time.  He will have a harder semester, but easier in the transitions are already made. He will have more hours, including Chemistry and two Calculus classes. I know he will do well. We already joked about returned to Vic & Anthony's after the spring semester to celebrate again. These 19 years have gone by quickly. To see Mx as a young man, responsible, confident and a delight to spend time with, I am just so encouraged and excited for the live he will lead. So thankful to be his mom!

My other children? Happy at home - L had four babysitters! Mostly M, but I heard the N got her to take a nap, E played with he outside, C took a bath with her and M was snuggling her when we came in. I know she must have missed me a bit and Craig and I played with her for a while when we were home again. She is full of love and has much to share with all of us. We are truly blessed with all our children!

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