Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Back to school

We couldn't really feel like we were back in the semester while Mx was here.
He left to go back Sunday -
So he is already back to the reality that he is in the "real" world - with all its garbage. He was peacefully sleeping, already stressed about the semester ahead, hearing he had been dropped from a class that he had previous approval to be in, when a loud, authoritative knock at the door at midnight revealed campus police wanting to search the room for alcohol. Obviously, there wasn't a party going on in his dorm, he opened the door in his skivvies thinking it was his roommate, heavy with sleep. The roommate's girlfriend had posted a picture on facebook showing said roommate at a party consuming lots of alcohol and someone tipped off campus police. They came to the dorm to stop it. I guess I should be thankful A&M seems to be vigilant about the no alcohol on campus rule. So, the search revealed alcohol in the dorm - but thankfully the roommate had his own refrigerator for his contraband and Mx was in the clear. They also found the dorm with the party and seized that alcohol as well. He just called me to vent in the middle of the night. I was up anyway - talked to Kathy for over two hours catching up, hanging up just before midnight, when M came down feeling ill, then Mx's call. I finally was able to sleep at 3. Tough day for our big day out, but Mx has it much worse.

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