Wednesday, January 18, 2012

7 Quick Takes

7 Quick Takes:
I love, love, love our new parish! Regina Caeli, a FSSP parish in Houston hosted at SEAS. I hadn't realized how much I missed the Latin Mass; it fills me with peace. At what ever point during the mass I have my special prayer time (ie. someone else is watching the wiggly 1 1/2 year old girl who won't sit still in the "pew"), I love and appreciate the quiet liturgy, the low prayers uttered on our behalf by Father, the smell of incense and the calm chant of the schola. Refreshing! Perfect timing to be here after years of praying for it - God is good.
An indoor cat is not a quiet addition to our home. I think of indoor cats lazily sitting on window sills and imagined our new kitty would be calm and easy going.  That cat is strange. . She darts quickly making a low guttural sound - that interpreted in 6 year language as: "watch me run".  As I write the cat just fell down three steps playing chase its tail on the stairs. 
Teenagers are great! I have two already and in less than a month, my third child will be in a teenager. He has been sporting a 'stache above the lip better than my husband or oldest son could have grown anywhere near his age! His voice does crack on occasion. He checks to see if he has surpassed my height almost daily. But, oh, he is still such a dear and does not let a day pass that he doesn't give me a strong hug!! I pray that keeps on through the teenage years!
I love my home - but the atmosphere has a split personality. It is a different place when my husband is in town and when he is traveling. I mean: almost unrecognizable. Meals are different, clutter tolerability level, activities of the kids in the house. I feel a little guilty admitting this, but, there it is. 
Texas has the best winters. Cold weather never stays long. Some days we start at 32 and by afternoon its 75!  
Discussing apologetics with my kids. We could never learn enough about our Faith - hopefully the Holy Spirit will guide us to learn what we need when we need to share some of the beauty of our Faith. Started with Beginning Apologetics this week - love the discussions it begins...
We are loving aprons  - getting quite a collection, even added their own hooks.

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