Friday, January 27, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday

Not having a good moment:
Bump on head - hurts
Bow in hair - annoying
Smelling marker - left a blue dot on nose and didn't even have a scent!
The look says it all!
I didn't think a twenty month old was capable of such an expressive expression!

When I think we are doing enough, before even enjoying the satisfaction of a job done; it suddenly becomes very clear how many areas we aren't even touching! Sigh.
I know there are going to holes in homeschooling, but sometimes I want to see the bucket getting filled!

Nothing like an "Epiphany" house blessing to realize the house needs DEEP cleaning. At least Father didn't look in the closets and under the beds. Still enjoying a clean house days later.

My ten year old loves to cook and to be creative. It is interesting what she comes up when she combines both talents - besides a huge mess, I mean.
In her defense, she is also good at cleaning the kitchen.

The more I try to force someone to do something, the more resistance I get. Its almost worth backing off, settling down and letting her see what she is missing. That way, if she missed the fun, it was her choice and I can walk away from feeling responsible for making sure everyone does everything I think would be neat or fun or educational at that particular moment.
It's exhausting just thinking it through!

Home made dolls made my six year old hands and ten year old hands are pretty sweet!

I saw some yellow bell flowers on the ground at a friend's house that seemed out of place this morning; after all, we are in the middle of winter. Then, I remembered seeing roses blooming at the church we take piano on Tuesday. My six year old wanted to pick one and I said no. And then, thinking a bit more, I was noticing how green the grass is through my neighborhood today, greener than spring, summer and fall last year due to the drought.
I love vibrant signs of life and growth in nature. It seems God is tapping me on the shoulder telling me to notice the subtle beauty around me, and all I've done is rush pasted it this week. (It's been a extra busy week).
It feels too easy to enjoy it. I am afraid a winter storm will come in and kill all these sweet plants in bloom and we won't see any more beauty out of them this year. I am ready for a nice long spring. Last year was hard on my senses. It was a long, hard, hot, dry summer. It didn't feel like it usually does around here. So, even more, I should soak in the beauty when I can, especially if its fleeting.

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