Sunday, January 22, 2012

Counting Gifts: 3/5's of the way to 1000!

600 A House Blessing with Epiphany Holy Water. (ie. "Super Holy Water") & nice visit with Father.

599 N serving Traditional High  Mass
598 Coffee and donuts after Mass
597 Electronic devices to distract a bored girl for the long drive to church
596 Beautiful cobbler specially made for a special visitor.
595 Tummy rumblings in the middle of the night- reminds me at least I didn’t overeat.
594 Sleeping so peaceful – tightly snuggled.
593 Nighttime parenting
592Beauty to look at every day
591Thankful for today – an ordinary Saturday, one spent happy with each of my beautiful children and wonderful husband! A perfect day! Deo gratias!
590 Fun run to Target get M
589 Burn ban lifted
588 Living in the country so we have the property and the freedom to cut down trees and burn them in our yard.
587 Being married to a (wanna be) lumberjack has its benefits.
586 passing the torch to N (as far as outside work machinery goes)
585 College is close enough for weekends quick visits.
584 Being reminded of the horrors in the world, and so thankful to provide a bubble of safety – at least for now.
583 Being able to answer a tax question for a friend.
582 Fading scars
581 Little girls discovering their sisters’ ‘hand-me-downs’ are for them.
580 College boys coming to the rescue.
579 Hubby taking teens to teen night
578 For protection of purity – praying for all girls out in the world!
577 finding out we didn’t spread that horrible illness to a pregnant lady
576 Kids have time to sharpen their ingenuity – (and sharpen the weapons out of sticks).
575 Nature journaling – so happy to have class start up again.
574 Seeing L playing with the big girls – ad seeing how happy it makes her.
573 Being awake before the alarm yells at me – somewhere to go that I need an alarm.
572 “Dear mother, don’t worry about enjoying your life. Your life is hard; your life will be hard. That doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong – it mean you’re doing it right.”
571”Now I can see that children are as light as air. They float past you, nudging against you like balloons as they ascend.” Beautiful.
570”Only so that you can become strong enough to be a woman who will be left.” Motherhood…sigh
569 Kisses from L
568Two pounds – I’ll take it! Craig’s five – even better.
567 Shopping with a one year girl for shoes – the love for shoes is innate.
566 College giving Mx hopes and dreams for the future
565Cody giving Basic the chance it needs, hoping it’s enough!
564 Daughters in the kitchen making egg salad and tuna salad
563 To have more than we’d ever need!
562 thankful a bath can reset a bad mood.
561 for hubby rearranging his work scheduled for that sweet teenage daughter!
560 thankful for mental distractions
559 Missy L loving being part of our family- having lots of siblings to entertain her!
558 Heard from Missy L, “Wisha wisha wisha.” Not sure what it means but it comes out happy and conversationally
557 Little House read aloud – heard from the kids “keep reading”!
556 Thankful for finding blogs out there written by like minded mothers
555 Advice to strive for “Order and Wonder” as two main goals of the structure of homeschooling
554 Best reminder of getting chores done (from a blog) “ …if you would just grasp, once and for all, that’s it’s better to have it done by a five year old than not done at all.”
553 “Nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels.” – magnet from my mil’s fridge.
552 Committed and passionate piano teacher
551 Listening to C tell me who she is going to pray for.
550 Sharing home school encouragement with my sister today.
549 Thankful my girls have sisters – I love mine!
548 Gathering gifts for 15 new babies expected!
547 Giving them an ice cream treat!
546 Beginning Apologetics with M & N
545 Nice walk with M even though cut short {cold} had a good talk about keeping boys at bay.
544 Heard from the backseat, ”Our family is so crazily awesome!” Loving family pride!!
543 a few hours of sleep
542 sleeping with the windows open – fresh January air,sound of rain
541 that the kids don’t have signs of lice
540 at least I get to snuggle with L when I’m up all night with insomnia
539 slowly decluttering and deep spring cleaning – baby steps - no hurry
538 knowing I am so blessed with my husband
537 so thankful the midnight phone call wasn’t any more serious than a bad behaving roommate
536 Spinach salad with shrimp
535 Missy L holding my hand on a walk
534 Teaching Company history
533 Sermon on marriage, celebrating my favorite mystery at the marriage of Cana
532 As hard as it is, seeing people in the “correct” light
531 Not going over the calorie count
530 Being on the same page as M and being able to vent
529 Home safe in bed after a big long day
528 N confident to read Shakespeare aloud with the best of them
527 That I have the best kids ever!
526 Crab cakes
525 Seeing Mx off to embark on another semester
524 Day spent visiting with old friends, kids delighted to be reunited.
523 Being on this path together
522 Purple sunrise
521 Onesy footed PJ’s
520 Sunday morning madness getting ready for church
519 Goal 22 accomplished: take family to confession. Thank God for the priest at St. Matthias
518 Oh, for the grace and opportunity to trust Him more.
517 Clean pantry, office & laundry room
516 Four babysitters for Missy L
515 Celebratory dinner with Mx and Craig – goal accomplished
514 Hubby started diet with me – goal getting accomplished.
513 Girls; group inspiring E to make a doll for L
512 Craig making dinner
511 Room in C’s bed for me and Missy L to cheer a sad girl.
510 Hard working heater when its 27 degrees outside
509 My six year old surprising me with an ice cold glass of water.
508 Overcoming my fear of the power of B’s creditors.
507 Seeing our baby so happy to see her daddy home from his trip
506 Craig back safe in town
505 Setting my 101 for the next 1001 – committing to a“timer”.
504 Venison spaghetti – not gamey at all.
503 Friends reconnecting
502Waking up to a sunny morning for a beautiful day, even though it is cold
501 Long eyelashes resting peacefully on pink cheeks.

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