Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Counting Gifts: 100 more...

101. Relaxing in a clean house
102. So thankful for the best Sunday school class ever.
103. Sharing a lamb and visit with Linda.
104. N back happy and safe from erock camp
105. First Christmas gift purchased!
106. A husband who is a good sport.

107. Nice phone call with Mx – looking good on his grades for his first semester!
108. A couple more gifts checked off, so many more to go – no wonder I procrastinate!
109. FSSP parish in Houston – love it! So thankful
110. My first attempt at Kibbi came out great! Yum – made hubbie very happy.
111. Surprise Sonic for everyone.
112. Happy how home cooking makes everyone – so thankful for Mary’s recipes and her memory.
113. Listening to E read
114. Seeing E stick up for C to K
115. thankful that Barney musical toy works as well for the sixth as it did for the first.
116. St Nick’s day secret prep

117. Effectiveness of the LaLa Song
118. Realizing that you never have this moment with your children again.
119. Family rosary – how I love it bringing us all together for a holy moment at the end of the day
120. St. Nicholas and his love for children – and their love for him.
121. Seeing my husband dole out the goodies and seeing that sweet little girl put out mom and dad’s shoes too! J
122. Lazy mornings when it is cold and rainy outside.
123. Forgiveness
124. Wisdom to realize this isn’t the end of the world.
125. Mx home! Making chocolate cake!
126. Tabouli and Greek mushrooms turned out good. All this cooking is making hubbie happy
127. Quick visit with Marilyn
128. Thankful L can communicate so well without words – powerful expressions and pointer finger.
129. Winter temps in Advent – get you in the spirit of the season.
130. Seeing N so happy to visit with Mx
131. Thankful P may be free of J’s spell.
132. That M sees what she needs to do
133. Christmas wreathes showing up just in time to brighten my door
134. My office mate moved back in and made me clean my side of the office – nice to have a clean space
135. N’s persistence – I know someday it will be good for something big – so all this will be worth it someday
136. A sister to share with who understands where I am right now
137. Crazy happy smile
138.  Goodies to remember a great man who loved children and would fight to save them – St Nick, pray for us!
139. Best back massages
140.  L’s gibberish – practicing talking and whispering – fun to hear and to try to decipher
141. Space heater left on for my shower
142. Help in the kitchen from all kids at different times and in different ways
143. Trusting God has a plan regarding basic :0
144.  Looking forward to our school schedule and driving getting easier in January
145. Thankful that she was ok (only  bloody lip) after a four foot fall
146. Thankful for the attorney’s advice – holding on to it
147. Warm soft snuggly baby skin
148. Secure happy sleep

149.  Mass for the Immaculate Conception – and four well behave kids giving hope for the one that was not.
150.  E helping with directions and paying attention
151. Thankful  cc and dd are telephone best friends
152. Thankful for Christina and her dream to enrich the kids – including dance
153. Thankful to have all my babies under the same roof again
154. A visit with my sister
155. Being busy
156. Grateful for my kids willing involvement in all their outside activities and that sometimes “service” is more fun than anything.
157. Innocence (wishing it lasted forever)
158. Thankful I had a “job” these past three years that helped us over many humps.
159. Musical talent in my kids.
160. My husband who calms my fears.
161. Seeing big sister help little sisters – seeing the love in their eyes.
162. Internet Christmas shopping – ups coming to my door,
163. Sleeping baby to kiss
164.  M’s ability to translate baby language into intelligent commentary
165.  All the December saints and feasts.
166.  Sister love – I love seeing M love on L’s achievements
167.  Sister protectors – E standing up for C to bad influences
168.  Boy scout brothers – neat to see both N and Mx in their uniforms to honor 3 new Eagles.
169. Meeting the N family – nice to meet a healthy family and to be welcomed into their home.
170.  A few hour get away to spend a few hours with my older set of kids.
171.  Seeing Mx study so hard for his grades – trying to help a bit
172.  Christmas decorations always bringing back memories – sharing with the kids.
173. Betsy – new beginnings  - so nice to see her enjoy an encourage M’s musical talents.
174. My star scout - doing his good turn daily -  love Boy Scout oaths

175. Girl talk- too young to talk about boys – but they sure get silly when the subject comes up.
176. Happy for a chance to make old time ornaments and listen to dulcimer carols.
177. Late night low voices lofting from upstairs.
178. Breathing and hearts beating of the people I love under my roof.
179. Word games with Craig & kids. – trying not to be sore losers
180. Quick good first impressions – worth the last minute work
181. Felt board bible stories
182. Turning control over to God
183. Seeing 40 acres and future of church
184. That all there was to criticize was the absence of a tree
185. Hearing of the kindness of strangers to my boy at summer camp
186. Trying to balance surprises with so many eyes watching but with so many so conspirators.
187. Shopping with the girls – we come back smelling so good – with the list checked off
188. The resilience of my children
189. Finding a good deal and a coupon to boot
190. Industry picking up
191. A word waiting for me to solve.
192. How new clothes brighten a mood.
193. Another day to have another chance to live the dream
194. My kids so happy to visit with old friends
195. The way cc prays the Hail Mary
196. The way cc holds herself, her poise, her confidence in everything – so lucky to be her mommy.
197. My little baby running to give me a hug.
198. Thankful – and can’t say why it also annoys me – when my oldest calls me “mommy” (he’s 19).
199. Christmas break from outside classes.
200 . Hubbie’s enthusiasm for justice.

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