Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Is being thankful ever selfish?

Is it a strange and selfish human emotional reaction to be thankful for one's own blessings when you hear of tragedy of another? It's on the news all the time: a parent thankful that it wasn't their child that was shot, hit, etc. But the reaction happens involuntarily. Knee jerk empathy inside out.
Today, I learned a friend's son was diagnosed with leukemia after going to the doctor about stomach and leg pains yesterday.How could it all happen so fast? My children keep asking me, how do you catch it? I don’t know, doctors don't know.
This young man is a brave, noble and faithful soul, and I'm sure will strive to cause the least amount of angst for his family as possible. I am sure he will be braver than anyone could imagine a 13 year old could be. He will be because he has to be;he is that kind of young man.

My heart yearns to comfort, to offer corporal assistance, knowing I could never really helpbeyond my prayers. I pray for him, for a miraculous healing, hoped for discovery of a misdiagnoses, it’s only a flu..? I pray for his doctors, his sweet open heartedmother, his loving father, his siblings who must be in pain and shock. Theworld needs this young man and his goodness. Aftery my prayers, I sit back and let it calm in my mind,knowing I have put it in His Hands as much as I can, then I look around andfocus on my blessings. My sweet six babes, healthy, no real worriestoday, life goes on while others are in such pain. Why does it feel a little selfish? Oh, this Valley of Tears…

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