Friday, July 31, 2009

Travel Memories: Southern State Visit

I am posting this in 2013, but wanted to date it when we made the trip. I am hoping to trace our route, mostly, this summer adding a few stops, and changing others. 
Here are my favorite highlights captured by my camera, many special moments were just fully lived beyond a lens..

Our first stop after leaving Texas:
Alabama - Ave Maria Grotto in Cullman just a few miles off Interstate 65 between Birmingham and Huntsville. A restful place build by Brother Joseph who maintained this garden on the Abbey grounds.

We stopped for lunch at Krystal's in some little town. 
I could have stayed on the interstate, but for nostalgic sake, I wanted to drive those curvy road that captivated my imagination as a child. Crazy curve after curve on mountain tops overlooking farms below. My father had driven that route so many times he would challenge us to guess which way the next curve went. we may have guess right, but he always knew.
I dreamed of living in those farms with the cure red barns or playing in the creeks with their calm rock waterfalls.

Later the same day, we arrived at my aunt's home on the Duck River.

A night at the KOA
We were low on propane and heard that the KOA had a swimming pool, so we spent a night relaxing before heading off to our next stop.

Cowan Train Museum

I love this little Tennessee town, so full of charm and people we love. and many life memories.

playing with second cousins they didn't even know they had.

having a great time at Aunt Treivies

visiting at Uncle Jack's with Deborah

Where to next mom?
We had a tight schedule and the kids helped me keep to it.
My grandmothers house
 The fastest way to Atlanta, was up and over Monteagle mountain. I never minded driving this in a car, but I was a little worried about taking the big rolling box up and over.
 "The Mountain"
If people didn't have trouble driving the mountain, why did they have run offs?
these have haunted me since childhood

We were on the go in Georgia, all around Atlanta, seeing old friends in and around our old parish.

A trip out to the country to pick blueberries at and old forgotten blueberry farm.
We picked three gallons to take home for smoothies.

 We made many stops in Georgia, with friends for swimming and eating and visiting.
We had several stops in Alabama. First with my old "neighbors" Gigi and Stan who took such good care of my family when we lived there with two small children.
Later we stopped outside Talledega, where another  old neighbor had settled to try their go with a BBQ restaurant. It was great, but the recession would see its close in the next year.

Not yet on our way home.
We stayed at a rv park near my old friend Lidsa' house. Her boys picked up Max to accompany them on their busy summer events and Lisa came to get the rest of us to hang out with her at the library and later her home. Such a special visit with a friend who has inspired me in many ways as a mother.

After this,
the long drive home with a rv full of tired yet satisfied children.

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