Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Snow Day

We had a little snow and it is a very big deal for us. Living in the Gulf Coast, we don't see much snow. Maybe a dusting like comes this every decade.
It was beautiful! It kicked me into high gear Christmas spirit! I had been complaining about the selection of Christmas songs radios and stores play now, seemingly to want to avoid the reason for the season and avoid mentioning Or Lord in any way. So we are down to songs about Santa-baby, sleigh bells and snow, snow snow. I told my kids they needed to write a song without any mention of snow. Haha. Now, I'm okay. And we found a Christian selection on Spotify of Christmas songs which have all the old Christ Child centered favorites.

Ceci's snowballs
Euly's snowballs

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


We are in our second year of basketball. This year the girls' teams do not have the same games or  practice days. We play with a league out of College Station, so everything is already a bit of a drive from our home. The girls love it and love the friends they have made. The games are much more exciting to watch now that most of the players have much more experience over last year.

Basketball is so much more than just a P.E. credit, in experience and time involved. The girls now have to face challenges and overcome huge tasks or sometimes just survive the battles. Maybe it's this way in all schools, but in homeschool leagues especially, we go up against a variety of ages, sizes and experience. Everyone wants to win. The determination in the faces of our girls and the girls we play against reflect their passion.

Capturing their games in photography is especially challenging and rewarding for me.  The entire game the girls give their all. There's always that next play that will show that next better, clearer shot. Video would help the coaches more, but a still shot captures the moment's intensity. Max helped me with Euly's recent game. He took over 370 pictures, all great and exciting.

I played junior high basketball. I don't recall if I was a significant asset for our team, but I do remember so much more now watching my girls play. We also played much larger girls and survived. We bonded as a team and friendships were made. Basketball physical confidence which takes over beyond the courts and helps growth to handle all types of competitive situations.

Our league is Christian and competitive. There is a conscious balance the both, as we have in the rest of our lives. We don't leave out who we are when we play. It is not always easy, sometimes it can be very hard, as we spend miles in the car, I know it’s worth it.

Maybe the time Ceci re-injured her leg.
 Middle School Girls Second Place at a recent tournament

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Thanksgiving Week 2017

We had the most beautiful, perfect weather for Thanksgiving. We spent it at my sister Teresa and husband Greg’s beautiful home near Lake Austin. It’s always a delight to spend time with them. All four sisters were together, my parents saw all but two of their grandkids and all four of their great grand kids and found out there is another on the way! My mother in law joined us this year. 

Thanksgiving fell on Max’s 25th birthday. We celebrated a little on the day before and the Sunday after. 
Euly went to the 4-H National Congress in Atlanta and missed the feast. She left early Thursday morning but was happily able to visit with Molly who came in at 1 a.m. thanksgiving and enjoyed a very late and very early visit. Molly left Sunday and Euly didn’t return until Tuesday. 

My nephew and family were in from Sweden and Lilly was delighted to have a cousin close in age to play with. 

This holiday goes by so fast, and there are so many people to visit with, it just seems like a blur. The girls and I stayed Friday to do a little shopping, enjoy a little more Chuys and visit at my parents wince my great niece was being baptized Friday afternoon.
The baptism was at a Shoenstatt chapel overlooking hills around Austin. The Shoenstatt movement is within the Catholic Church, an international place of pilgrimage dedicated to our Blessed Mother to encourage prayer.

The chapels are all built with the same blueprint. Each seat only about 32 people. Intimate and lovely. Beautiful  service; inspired homily. I’m thankful we were able to attend. 

Saturday Molly, Lilly and Ceci decorated gingerbread houses from the HeB kits while Craig and nick enclosed the old sheep shed for another brooder space. Too many chicks in the old brooder box and they aren’t quite ready to enter the big world. 

Having adult kids is fun! Craig, molly and to went to visit Max and spent a fun evening at Chuys, seemingly to accidentally test my old claim I could eat Chuys every day, and it seems it is true! Haha
Having older kids to babysit is also a win. 
Sunday went by too fast since we had to take Molly back to Austin to go home. We had a great visit! And we will see her again in a month. My heart is full.
Euly came home Tuesday, also to the Austin Airport. She had a great time, saw all kinds of fun sites in Atlanta: the aquarium, football hall of fame, and was able to attend mass. Yay!

All the girls while they were all together:

From Euly's 4-H Trip