Monday, October 14, 2019

Saturday afternoon sans Ceci

After we absorbed and enjoyed as much Vatican Museum we could, we had gelato on short walk back to our apartment.

We tried to rest, but couldn't sit still with so much more to see.

We took a taxi to Capuchin Crypt. We had a repeat driver who was thrilled to talk cameras.

We toured the crypt, amazed at the amount of and art with human bones. I can't even describe the experience. The girls list it as a must see in Rome. It is not at the top of my list, but I can verbalize why.

We walked to Saint Marie Vittoria to see Saint Teresa in Ecstasy. Amazed. Especially wowed by all the other art. We pass this on the bus tour. It is next to the Moses Aquaduct.

We walked a while through random city streets featuring every day city life of Rome back to the Treve Fountain.

We happed on a long line to see the Pantheon was open. We may have cut in line, I know the people behind us were angry, but it was unintentional, I promise. The altar was being prepared for Mass. The number of reliquaries was intense.

We had a nice long dinner with Euly and Lilly outdoors on the way back to our apartment, just across the river from San Angelo.

We strolled across the bridge and looked in awe, after countless times of San Angelo.

After another rest, the girls went out to enjoy the evening.

On the way...

Ecstasy of Saint Teresa

on the side of the statues, looking down...

The Altar

Saturday in Rome: Vatican Musem

Saturday was for the Vatican Museum.
We bought the tickets before we came - Skip the line - worth it? We passed lines and lines of people waiting while we walked right it. Security is a bit of a nightmare.
Take your time, don't be hungry, even though there are scattered snack options, they are over priced.
Expect lines and crowds to push you, especially on the maze to see the Sistine Chapel.
Expect to be fussed at or yelled at in the Sistine chapel by overbearing guards.
Do your art research before you go, be your own guide with must see lists.
look at a map of the museum before you go
Be wow-ed!

Playing statues with statues 

Perseus with Medusa

Nero's bathtub

The ceilings are so intricate, you cam look from all directions.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Saturday in Rome: Vatican City!

Saturday - finally, we get to explore inside Saint Peters, the Vatican, and the Dome.
Since we were staying just down a few blocks, we walked to Saint Peter's arriving above 7 a.m., just after they opened. Security inot most of the sites is fairly easy, general airport rules. Modesty is strict - shoulders and knees must be covered to enter churches,

We explored around the inside of Saint Peter's,  much was blocked off by security or by barriers. It was a discouragement, after waiting until a good opportunity to go, to be so far away from the altar, the Pieta, Saint Peter and his lucky foot and more. The details, the artwork, the incredible altar, so much to take in.  It is breathtaking, like no where else on earth.

We decide to go top the Dome when it opened at 7:30 and by the time we went to get in line, there was a large line. We opted for the elevator for the first 200 feet, which I have been told is cheating, but the rest of the Dome is challenging enough, on jet lag, so, we didn't feel guilty. Last visit we had 7 of us, Craig had to carry four year old Ceci the whole way up, I have softened in age, including my budget when it comes to this. (sorry Craig)

Ceci hadn't adjusted sleep and eating still and was not feeling well and her leg was shaky coming down from the Dome, so we stopped in the cafe and the gift shop and looked at the statues from top side and the Dome from below until we all felt refreshed and happy. Then we walked to apartment to drop off our gift shop goodies.

We had skip the line tickets for the Vatican museum, so worth it!, just an extra 4 euros, to walk fast past long lines of people waiting out in the heat. Some time, I may desire a Vatican Museum tour, but this visit, as well as our last visit, I just wanted to absorb as much as we could, since there is so much area to travel. We knew some things to look for and unfortunately we missed some areas this time (Raphael rooms), but it worked out because we saw things we missed last time, statue galleries. Some areas weren't open like the manuscript hall.

We stopped for gelato on the way back to the apartment, changing plans along the way. Ceci wanted a nap, Euly and I were still wanting to go, and not let the energy level have a chance to stop, Lilly was happy to keep plowing along as well. Lunch break at the apartment, then off again.

Always have to look up in Rome!

So overwhelmingly beautiful! Fills your soul and your mind with beauty beyond what a camera can capture!

On the way to the Climb to the Dome

Looking down on the altar 

Here we go...

Saturday afternoon sans Ceci

After we absorbed and enjoyed as much Vatican Museum we could, we had gelato on short walk back to our apartment. We tried to rest, but co...